4 of the Coolest Caribbean Countries to Visit

February 5, 2015 Updated: February 5, 2015

For those who love to travel different parts of the world, Caribbean countries’s visit is definitely a treat to watch and explore. With its abundant natural beauty, unmatched islands, extraordinary sandy beaches, hotels, restaurants, resorts, nightlife and lots of other truly amazing attractions, these Caribbean countries attract millions of visitors from around the world. There are approximately 30 odd countries including independent states and dependent territories in the Caribbean area. Some of the famous island countries include Grenada, Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad, Saint Lucia, Saint Thomas, Cuba, Dominica, Puerto Rico, etc. The climate of these different Caribbean countries is generally tropical, but it may vary with elevation. Normally these countries enjoy a very good and healthy sunshine throughout the year, with many couples opting for Caribbean cruises.


island peninsula in Ocho Rios, Jamaica via Shutterstock*
island peninsula in Ocho Rios, Jamaica via Shutterstock*

Let’s begin with an island that is undoubtedly considered one of the most beautiful islands in the whole Caribbean island. This wonderful island has abundant of lush green tropical vegetation and is known as Jamaica or Jamaican island. With its scintillating beaches, unmatched beachfront resorts, Jamaica is a wonderful place for you to visit and explore. You can visit this mesmerizing place with your family as well. This country is packed with some of the world’s most beautiful and charismatic attractions and sights to watch. Some of well-known attractions of Jamaica include Ocho Rios, Dunns River falls, Green Grotto, Appleton Rum factory, Ipswitch caves, Montego Bay and many more to name of. If you love to climb, then you can climb approximately 600 feet up to the Dunns River falls. Even if you don’t prefer climbing still this fall is a treat to watch. Similarly in Montego Bay you can ride boats with glass bottoms and enjoy the tour of Marine Park.


Tropical island on Bora Bora via Shutterstock*
Tropical island on Bora Bora via Shutterstock*

This is another wonderful country to visit and explore in the Caribbean region. With its glorious attractions and exotic sightseeing, Barbados has something to offer every single visitor from around the globe. If you are a great admirer of natural beauty, then limestone caves, animal flowers caves are especially meant for you. You can also experience some wonderful rivers, waterfalls and naturally beautiful rocks formations in these caves. For lovers of natural gardens, botanical gardens of Andromeda and Orchid World are truly worth visiting places. Similarly if you are a history geek, then you can certainly visit Barbados museum as well. You can also enjoy some excellent diving in Barbados. All in all we can this amazing place can make your trip a wonderful experience of a lifetime.


It is in fact a chain of 70o islands and approximately 2000 small islands which are also known as cays. It is considered as heaven for snorkeling or scuba divers. You can experience some of the world’s most beautiful lagoons, and marine habitat in Bahamas. A worth-mentioning attraction is known as Atlantis resort which has an outdoor aquarium. With its see through acrylic tunnel, this aquarium exhibits almost 200 species of marine habitat. You would definitely love to see gliding sharks under your feet as you walk through the acrylic tunnel. Other attractions that you shouldn’t miss while travelling to Bahamas, include Paradise Island, Lucayan National Park, Andros Islands, Blue Lagoon Island for dolphin encounters, etc.

British Virgin Islands

If you enjoy sunbaths, swimming and water sports, then Cane Garden bay in British Virgin Islands is a must visit place for you. You can enjoy a true Caribbean lifestyle in this area. This bay offers exciting features to its visitors. These features include bars, restaurants, nightlife, water sports, etc. You can spend your leisurely time on this exotic bay in a beautiful sunshine. Some other fascinating places to see and visit in British Virgin Islands, include The Baths, Smuggler’s Cove, Distillery of Callwood, Botanical Gardens of J.R.O’Neal, etc. All of these wonderful and marvelous attractions and sights make British Virgin Islands a must see place.

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*Image of island peninsula in Ocho Rios, Jamaica via Shutterstock

*Image of tropical island on Bora Bora via Shutterstock