4 Island Getaways for a Romantic Trip

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Romantic getaways are quite the things these days especially with Valentine’s day drawing nearer. Although you don’t need any excuse to spend time with someone special to you, it would still be cool if you start choosing the perfect place to sweep your partner off to and just spend some quiet time. For rest and relaxation and forgetting how busy and demanding the rest of the world is, it’s awesome to go for an island vacation. Being surrounded by water would make, most of us, feel soothed and less stressed. And after working so hard, you surely deserve a break and you can bring along your partner for some quality time. For great island vacations which reek of romance, here are some suggestions on where to go:


Just off the coast of Queensland, there are those islands in Australia that will surely make you feel quite enchanted and they are perfect for those who are interested in a fascinating time in each other’s company. If luxury is what you are looking for while you are on vacation, then you have come to the right place as the posh accommodations are quite tempting. So many adventures await you in Australia and you can take the time to try gourmet dining in a Wilton Islands or lounge the day away with that special someone in Hamilton Island. Whatever you choose to do, you are in for quite an amazing vacation.


Cafe on tropical beach at sunset in Seychelles via Shutterstock*
Cafe on tropical beach at sunset in Seychelles via Shutterstock*

By combining the lush atmosphere, the natural vistas and the interesting wildlife with posh resorts that shout of world-class quality, you have certainly found a place that will be great when you are planning something steamy and romantic. With a stunning view of the Indian Ocean and some private resorts in the island, you are bound to crave for some alone time with your partner while appreciating the beauty before you. And in offering something which is a hundred percent natural and certainly unparalleled, this trip is bound to be an eye opener and certainly an interesting one.


This island is one of the top recommendations for families who are planning a vacation together but aside from those all-inclusive resorts that cater to the differing needs of its guests, there are also resorts with an intimate setting located across the island. Many of those intimate resorts are just the place that will fit as the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. Jamaica is also a country that is full of culture and while it is tempting to simply stay at the resort, it is also tempting to explore the place. Those romantic resorts are literally scattered all over the place, there’s a romantic couple’s retreat in Negril, which is quite a private cove and the tree houses hidden in a jungle just outside Port Antonio will make any romantic escapade adventurous.

St Lucia

Palm trees on vigie beach in St Lucia via Shutterstock*
Palm trees on vigie beach in St Lucia via Shutterstock*

Without a Caribbean Islands, the list wouldn’t be complete and out of all those stops in the area, St Lucia is certainly one of the most romantic. With the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable honeymoon and a grand wedding, any coupe would love to spend some time here. While you are here, you will get the feeling as if there are only two of you in the world and the view from the cliffs will surely take your breath away. Jade Mountain even makes the place more special and wonderful which makes it all the more perfect for people in love.

Romance may not depend on the time or place but it pays to set up a perfect getaway with romance in mind. And, with these lovely island suggestions, it would be nice to explore your choices and see which ones you should go for on your next romantic trip.

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*Image of cafe on tropical beach at sunset in Seychelles via Shutterstock

*Image of palm trees on vigie beach in St Lucia via Shutterstock

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