4 European Rivers That Is Perfect for a Cruise

April 1, 2015 Updated: May 1, 2015

Europe is certainly a cool destination when you are planning a summer getaway and with so many nice places to explore in Europe, it will not be difficult to find that one place which is perfect for you and your travel companions. Whether you are planning a trip with your spouse, your family or some friends, the continent is certainly a cool spot especially during summer. For those who are into cruises and such, here are some ideas on the best places for a river cruise.

River Elbe: Czech Republic/Germany

Charles Bridge and architecture of the old town in Prague, Czech republic via Shutterstock*
Charles Bridge and architecture of the old town in Prague, Czech republic via Shutterstock*

For those who are fond of hearing tales that involve history, this cruise would be the perfect choice as the river has been left at its original state. The river itself is 680 miles long and it flows from the mountains of KrkonoŇ°e to the lowlands of Czech Republic and then to Germany. The river then flows to Cuxhaven where the waters empty out to the North Sea. During your cruise, it would be interesting to discover the culture, history and art of the Florence on the Elbe, Dresden. The river also reaches Prague which is a wonderful city best explored on foot and wine lovers would relish the experience as you can pass along several areas that produce wine along the route.

Black Sea: Bulgaria/ Romania

Another destination which is the perfect alternative for a Mediterranean cruise is the Black Sea which is full of history and it is certainly a scenic place for cruising and you get to enjoy it without the crowds. This inland sea is quite large and it is in Europe’s southeastern extremity. It is also surrounded by around 6 countries including Russia and Turkey. If you are interested in a dash of ancient history, it is good to know that it is the center f man activities of the Byzantine Empire as well as the ancient Rome and Greece.

Dutch Waterways: Netherlands

Windmill on a river with a boat, The Netherlands via Shutterstock*
Windmill on a river with a boat, The Netherlands via Shutterstock*

When people talk about Netherlands, an image of boats and tulip fields immediately comes to mind. But more than just a place which looks really charming during the summer months when you can see the tulips in their finest, it is also perfect for those who love going on a river cruise. Considered to be the densest European inland waterway network, the waterway covers the whole of Netherlands before it leads to the North Sea. The waterways is undeniably an attraction but it is more than just a pretty picture for the eye as it also plays a major role in transportation, trade and management. There are also quaint towns that you can pass along as you move your way along the waterways. Among the sights that you can pass in the waterways include Franeker, a medieval town that happens to be home of the oldest planetariums in the world that are still working. Then there’s the Keukenhof Gardens which is popular for its astounding display of flowers.

Baltic Sea: Poland/ Germany

A cruise in the Baltic certainly rivals a Mediterranean cruise as far as charm is concerned; there is much that this place has to offer. It sets the perfect backdrop for a cruise and coupled with a dreamy landscape, you are certainly in for a treat. The 1,000 mile long sea has channels that will bring you between Northern and Central Europe in the Scandinavian Peninsula, the Danish Islands as well as mainland Europe. Although it is a big body of water, it is isolated from the rest of the ocean, so you can enjoy a smooth cruise in these waters. You can see several UNESCO Heritage Sites along the way and there are innumerable stops that are natural beauties and cultural wonders and you also get the chance to see the Jewel of the Baltic- the Island of Hiddensee.

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*Image of windmill on a river with a boat, The Netherlands via Shutterstock

*Image of Charles Bridge and architecture of the old town in Prague, Czech republic via Shutterstock