4 Cool Walking Trails That Proves the Beauty of Nature

February 23, 2015 Updated: February 23, 2015

Walking happens to be one of the best forms of exercise and it would surely be fascinating to spend some vacation time exploring sights on foot. Let’s face it, if you have been cooped up inside the four corners of your office or your home, it would be a relief to explore some open space and it is surely a refreshing change from the daily grind. And, if you are planning to put your feet to some walking vacation, you should at least, choose someplace that is totally worth the effort. After all, when you are lost in the beauty of the place, walking doesn’t become that hard.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Vernazza, Cinque Terre Italy via Shutterstock*
Vernazza, Cinque Terre Italy via Shutterstock*

Italy has always been one of the best destinations to explore on foot and we are not talking about making your way along the city streets but along the coastal path. With the beautiful view of the Mediterranean on one side and the majestic presence of the mountains on the other, you will surely feel as if you are getting the best of both rural sceneries. And, that doesn’t end there as there are five villages to explore, and each village offers an unparalleled experience. You can go cross Riviera di Levante’s foot paths while passing through the buildings which are all painted in pastel colors and, of course, there are small boats in the harbor. Wherever you go, the sea will remain to be in view not to mention the vast expense of sky making this trip a refreshing one.

Southwest Ireland

For some of the best paths for those who love walking, there is no better place to roam around that Ireland. Paths here are quite worn out thanks to the number of walkers who are enchanted to explore the area and you can experience the splendor while hearing the most titillating legends from the westernmost point of the British Isles. Iron Age Ruins can be found here, just make your way to the Dingle Peninsula where there are stone cottages set against a backdrop of cliffs and this is certainly a cool place to shout to the winds. Exploring the forests and discovering the wildlife are also cool things that you can do while you are in the vicinity.

Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

La Fortuna Falls via Shutterstock*
La Fortuna Falls via Shutterstock*

This happens to be one of those places that anyone would love to explore as it feels right out of a fairytale book. A cloud forest is actually a place that can be found near the tip of a coastal mountain and it got the name because most of the year, it is covered with clouds. The variety of nature that you can find in the area is certainly something that can blow your mind away and there is so much that you can see here including craters, ponds and sea coves. There is also a suspended bridge which is located high above the forest floor which will make you appreciate the beauty of the entire place. This exotic experience will not only make your sight full but also allow you to have a close and intimate encounter with nature.

Nova Scotia, Canada

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia via Shutterstock*
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia via Shutterstock*

This is a really cool place to go walking and it is such a maritime gem making your experience quite exhilarating. There are a variety of sceneries that you can look forward to from the national park to the Acadian fishing village to the Gulf of St. Lawrence and to the North Harbour Beach where you can go whale watching. The views that are in full view include the fishing communities with Scottish origins and cobblestone beaches not to mention the isolated meadows.

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*Image of Vernazza, Cinque Terre Italy via Shutterstock

*Image of La Fortuna Falls via Shutterstock

*Image of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia via Shutterstock