4 Cheap Destinations for Some Rest and Recreation

December 19, 2014 Updated: December 19, 2014

These days, traveling is certainly cheaper than what it used to be but there is no denying that it would be awesome if you can look for destinations that will allow you to stretch your traveling fund. There are certainly a lot of cool locations where you can have a lot of fun without spending so much money. These places may not be that popular but they offer an unforgettable experience especially for those who are up for a bit of adventure. Living like a king need not cost you a fortune as these places will allow you to enjoy so much for a really low price.


NinhBinh, vietnam landscapes via Shutterstock*
NinhBinh, vietnam landscapes via Shutterstock*

This Asian country has so many cool stops and even if it has grown in popularity over the past years, there is no denying that the prices remain to be at an affordable rate. You can live off a small budget each day and that includes exploring the capital, Hanoi. The country is also known to be a really charming place and you can do so much and at the same time only spend a small fraction of your travel fund allowing you to buy souvenirs and other cool stuff that you could find during your trip.


Calle Jaen, one of the world’s best preserved colonial streets can be found in the capital city of the country, La Paz. The city has a certain charm and a long history that can draw a lot of people into it. Aside from that, those who are interested in more history do not have to worry about not getting what they need from professional sources as there are 4 municipal museums here and the entrance fee is very cheap. Aside from getting in and out of those museums for a really cheap price, you can rest assured that this country in South America is one of the cheapest as far as food and drinks is concerned.


If you find that the best destinations for catching the summer sun are too expensive for you, you can always drop by this country and see what’s in it for you. The further East you go, the cheaper the prices will be. Over the recent years, the Black Sea has drawn its fair share of crowd as there are a lot of people who have gained a better appreciation of the country especially because of the fact that you won’t go broke when you decide to explore it. For those who are more interested in city breaks rather than hitting the beach, Sofia is an awesome place to be and it has a wide array of places where you can grab food and drinks for a low price.


Oia city, Santorini, Greece via Shutterstock*
Oia city, Santorini, Greece via Shutterstock*

A Greek vacation may not seem to be one of the best places to drop by when you are on a budget but due to the financial crisis, being here is quite cheap. This is one of the most underrated budget destinations as a lot of people will think that it isn’t cheap. A tenner can actually cover your accommodations and the food can be bought at a really low price. Plus, this country is a cool stop when you want to feel the sun and the sea.

These days, traveling has become a cool habit although there are instances when you have to be constrained by a budget. However, this does not mean that you will miss the excitement of experiencing a new place as there are ways to travel without going broke. A bit of creativity and flexibility in your destinations can go a long way and there are so many places to see and explore.

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*Image of NinhBinh, vietnam landscapes via Shutterstock

*Image of Oia city, Santorini, Greece via Shutterstock