3-Year-Old Toddler Sees Mom Fall Down Stairs, Brilliantly Calls 999 Emergency to Save Her

TIMEJanuary 21, 2022

An emergency call handler for West Midlands Police had her work cut out for her when on Nov. 12 she received a call from a 3-year-old in distress.

Just after 2 p.m., Morgane Amphlett answered the phone and was met with the shrill, mumbly voice of a toddler who managed to utter, “Mummy’s fell upstairs,” and that his name is Tommy.

Morgane managed to convey to Tommy to pass the phone to his mom, who had fallen down the stairs and was passing in and out of consciousness. Mom Kayleigh Boffey, who was dazed and struggling to breathe, said that her back was hurting.

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She also added weakly that Tommy was “a good boy” for managing to dial emergency to help his mom all by himself.

Morgane then encouraged Tommy to hold Mom’s hand and keep her talking until police and paramedics arrived.

They had managed to link the call to an address in Rowley Regis, and within 10 minutes, officers and an ambulance had arrived.

Kayleigh was taken to the hospital, police stated, and is recovering.

(Courtesy of West Midlands Police)

The mom consented to have the emergency call audio released in hopes that it will encourage more parents to educate their children about what to do in an emergency. The department posted it on their Facebook page.

Of the incident, Head of Force Contact Andy Beard stated: “The boy was clearly confused and worried … but he’d done brilliantly at such a young age to know that if you dial 999 we are here to help.

“Our call handlers are highly trained to deal with emergency situations like this, including how to advise people to stay safe and perform first aid,” he added. “Just like officers out on the streets, they can be lifesavers.”

Note: 911 is the emergency call number in most parts of North America.

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