4 Top Ways to Eliminate Arthritis Naturally

By Ian Shillington, www.organiclifestylemagazine.com

By Doc, Organic Lifestyle Magazine

Arthritis is the swelling of a joint. Arthritis has the ability to cause severe joint and muscle pain and loss of the body’s movement (loss of ability to walk, climb stairs, or even brush your teeth). It can also cause stiffness, swelling of the joints and cartilage, inflammation, joint deformities, and bone loss.  Arthritis affects the muscle, cartilage, and the skeletal system at the joints where two or more bones meet.

There are over a hundred different varieties of arthritis that affect more than 46 million adults and more than 300,000 children in the United States alone.

The Most Common Types of Arthritis


A degenerative joint disease in which the cartilage that covers the ends of the bones in the joint deteriorates, causing pain and loss of movement as bone begins to rub against bone. This is the most widespread variety found in North America today.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This is a serious condition where the cartilage becomes inflamed as a result of body immune system failure. Rheumatoid Arthritis is one of the most serious and disabling kinds, especially for women.


This type typically affects men who drink alcohol and eat a large amount of red meat.  It is very painful and usually attacks the smaller joints of the body such as the toes and the fingers.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

This rare kind of arthritis affects the spine.  As a result of inflammation, the bones of the spine grow and fuse together over time.


Again, this variation affects mostly women and shows up as widespread pain that hits the muscles and the ligaments attached to the bone.

All these different varieties have a few things in common, which when remedied, will not only bring about relief, but for the most part can bring about a complete reversal of the condition. There is hope! Yes, something can be done about it.

Common Contributing Causes of Arthritis

  • The excessive consumption of commercial red meats and dairy products brings about an acidosis condition which causes the acid/alkaline ratio (the pH of the body) to go dramatically out of balance.
  • Poor quality commercial foods bring about a state of malnutrition.  People are simply not getting enough nourishment in the form of vitamins and minerals from the foods they eat every day. Basically, they eat far too much junk!
  • The large amounts of toxins taken in from pesticide laden foods like alcohol, coffee, soda pop, sugar, and white flour products actually trigger many of these conditions in the first place, including those autoimmune disorders that are all too common.

Relieve and Reverse Arthritis Naturally

1. Anti Arthritis Diet

The most important thing you can do to reduce and eliminate arthritis is to eat an organic diet with limited meat and dairy. Do not consume factory farm animal products. Focus on produce, produce, and more produce. Few people get enough produce! Eat organic whenever possible. While this kind of diet will rid the body of most disease and ailments, supplementation is necessary for many people and can speed up the process of getting healthy for anyone.

2. The Body’s pH

Bring the body back to a natural and healthy pH. The Body Balance+ Formula is a great way to help facilitate this quickly. But a healthy diet will also do this for almost anyone in time.

3. Supplements that Reduce and Remove Arthritis

A multi vitamin/mineral formula such as the Total Nutrition Formula is the easiest way to get in more nutrition. Even a diet focused on healthy organic produce can still use more nutrition, especially with our degraded soil conditions.

In addition to a good nutrition powder, I also recommend a protocol that includes MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), my Total Tonic Formula, Echinacea, vitamin C (5000Mg a day),  vitamin D3 (5000Mg a day), vitamin E (1200Mg day),  omega 3, coenzymeq10 (100Mg a day), a vitamin B-Complex, vitamin A (50,000IU a day), and finally a digestive plant enzyme with every meal.

For arthritis relief and to speed the healing of the joints, you can do no better than the Bone, Flesh & Cartilage Formula.  It truly is amazing for anyone suffering from joint pains, skeletal issues, muscle aches, and injuries.

4. Also, exercise!

Your body is a use it or lose it kind of a vessel. Yoga and squats are what I recommend for anyone, especially with these health issues. Obviously not everyone can dive right into yoga or even do a partial squat, so start off slow, stay safe, and do what you can.

Take your time with all of it. Be patient. It takes most people years to develop disease such as this, and while it can be reversed much more quickly, it does take time.

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