3 Perfect Spring Destinations for Couples

March 19, 2015 Updated: March 19, 2015

Valentine’s Day has once again been and gone, which may be a relief to many people. Setting aside the hype and noise around 14th February, what are some of the very best options for couples seeking out well-appointed, secluded romance before the summer season arrives? Here’s our guide to three of the most perfect destinations for couples this Spring.


In South East Asia, whilst Thailand retains many charms for lovers, serene Koh Rong off the coast of Cambodia offer a verdant, exclusive alternative. A two hour boat ride from the bustling and charming Sihanoukville, Koh Rong has stunning coral reefs and gleaming white beaches to explore by day, paired with glowing stars and plankton to gaze at by night. Virgin rainforest forms the interior of the island, with wonderful opportunities to explore hidden vistas, past waterfalls with toucans and kingfishers offering flashes of colour beside them. Unwinding by the warm, gentle sea afterwards, sweethearts can enjoy a therapeutic traditional massage or the fragrant, unique delights of Khmer cuisine, from banana blossom salads to lime-marinated squid skewers. In a world where genuine castaway experiences are harder and harder to come by, Koh Rong still feels like a miraculous little secret.


Rice fields on terraced of Mu Cang Chai, YenBai, Vietnam via Shutterstock*
Rice fields on terraced of Mu Cang Chai, YenBai, Vietnam via Shutterstock*

Cambodia’s breath-taking neighbour, Vietnam, boasts Da Nang, a rapidly-developing ocean side city for couples who seek out glitzy thrills and an assault on the senses as well as charming moments of solitude. Sailing its coastline is the best introduction to the combination of modernist and traditional sights to be found here. Back on dry land, the complex history of the nation can be explored in museums as diverse as the Museum of Cham Sculpture and the Ho Chi Minh Museum. Those that play together, stay together, and there’s golf courses, a casino, jet skis and pretty much every type of activity a pair might wish to sample. Bicycles are a great way to get around and then there’s always China Beach for an ice cold drink and spectacular sunset view. For a yet more impressive panorama of the fascinating landscape, the Marble Mountains fringing China Beach are the place to trek. The biggest of the mountains, Thuy Son, offers a lovely walk past the picturesque, historic Linh Ong and Xa Loi pagodas. Early Spring is the perfect time to visit Cambodia and Vietnam, before the south west monsoon arrives in roughly May to September.

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*Image of an ancient Cambodian temple via Shutterstock

*Image of rice fields on terraced of Mu Cang Chai, YenBai, Vietnam via Shutterstock