From A-Z, 26 Great Words You Probably Don’t Know

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Agrostology n. The study of grasses

Botryoidal adj. Shaped like a bunch of grapes. Used especially of mineral formations: botryoidal hematite

Couchee n. A reception held at the time of going to bed, as by a sovereign or great prince

Dwile n. Floorcloth or mop

Eth n. To represent the voiced dental fricative “th” sound as in the English word then

Flapdoodle n. Speakers and writers of nonsense

Gummiferous adj. That produces gum

Hyrax n. Any of several small, ungulate herbivorous mammals, of the order Hyracoidea, with a bulky frame and fang-like incisors; they are native to Africa and the Middle East

Ingannation n. Cheat; deception

Juramentum n. An oath

Kainotophobia  n. Fear of change

Lauriferous adj. Producing, or bringing, laurel

Muscology n. Treating mosses, bryology

Nudiustertian adj. Of the day before yesterday

Oxyacanthous  n.  In botany, furnished with many sharp thorns or prickles

Piliform adj. Having the form of a hair

Quotha interj. Archaic Archaic Used to express surprise or sarcasm, after quoting the word or phrase of another

Rhotacism n. An exaggerated use of the sound of the letter R

Spectroheliokinematograph n. A scientific apparatus of the 1930s consisting of a spectrohelioscope and early video camera, used to monitor events on the surface of the Sun

Tintinnabulate v. To ring, tinkle, toll, or otherwise sound like bells

Ultroneous adj. Spontaneous; voluntary

Vaniloquence n. Idle or vain talk

Wagtail n. Any of various chiefly Old World birds of the family Motacillidae, having a slender body with a long tail that constantly wags

Xanthic adj. Of a yellowish color

Yomp v. To carry heavy equipment over difficult terrain

Zemindar n. In colonial India, an indigenous revenue collector or landholder

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