No One Likes 404 Error Pages, but These Designers Might Just Make You Want to Get Lost

March 15, 2016 Updated: March 17, 2016

You are scrolling through your endless list of old bookmarked sites, hunting for that particular one, which is a treasure. You finally get it, and then… Three numbers appear on your screen: 404. Error pages can be really annoying. 

Luckily, designers are creative folk, and in these cases they sometimes have a great sense of humor.

Have a look at the most hilarious 404 error pages we’ve found on the internet.


404 Error Page of




Design by: Studio Gewoon
Design by: Studio Gewoon



Design by: Ben Jordan
Design by: Ben Jordan




Omega Watches


Apartment Home Living


The Many Faces of
Design by: Trent Walton


Design by: Adam Jacob
Design by: Adam Jacob


Design by: Stephen




By Eddie Lobanovskiy
Design by Eddie Lobanovskiy




Design by: Viktor Kern
Design by: Viktor Kern





Design by: Dhanish Gajjar
Design by: Dhanish Gajjar