20 Years Old And 35 Inches Tall

TIMEJune 18, 2014

20 year old Nick Smith from Jefferson, Georgia stands at just 35 inches tall – even though both his brothers are a whopping 6 feet 5 inches. He is one of only a handful of people worldwide – around 100 individuals – with a rare genetic condition called primordial dwarfism. 

Alongside the small stature, Nick’s condition makes him face a number of health risks like strokes, brain aneurysm, and on going kidney problems. Nick is a happy person given his difficult medical condition.

His family is here fighting the race against time, to give him the best life. Nick’s mother, Shelly Smith, believes that he is one of those children that never grew up. His mother strives to make him feel that he is like everyone else. To help manage the health risks, Shelly and other parents around the world share information to safeguard their children and to try and prolong their lives.

Nick loves every holiday and believes in Santa Claus, Halloween, and the Easter Bunny.  Nick is in his final year of high school and receives a special education that prepares him for life after school. He comes in every morning at school and greets the teachers with a smile, some push ups, and great big hugs. 

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