11-Year-Old Saves Grandmother by Driving Her Mercedes-Benz During Medical Emergency

September 29, 2020 Updated: September 29, 2020

An 11-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero after driving his grandmother to safety when she was having a medical emergency.

Young PJ Brewer-Laye and his grandmother, Angela Brewer-Laye, were out for one of their habitual walks, as according to PJ’s grandmother, they often spend time together. PJ likes to drive either his go-cart, his 4-wheeler, or his dirt bike while she gets some exercise outside.

When they were about a mile and a half from their home, Angela began seeing spots and feeling shaky. PJ didn’t need any prompting what to do next.

Without hesitation, he turned his go-cart around, rushed home, and grabbed the keys to his grandmother’s car.

As Angela was leaning up against a stop sign, trying to right herself, she looked up and couldn’t believe what she saw.

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“All of a sudden, I look to my right, and I saw my car, my Mercedes-Benz, coming toward me,” Angela told 11Alive. “Wait a minute … It was him, it was PJ!”

Angela praised her grandson for driving “like a pro.” She added that her grandson is the type of young man who’s always been confident and self-assured. She told the news outlet that he always does whatever he sets his mind to, without hesitation.

PJ isn’t old enough for a drivers license and has never driven alone or on a public road. However, his grandmother says he’s had plenty of driving practice between his go-cart, 4-wheeler, dirt bike, and helping his grandpa move cars on private property.

Even after this strictly supervised practice, Angela said she couldn’t believe how well he handled the car. According to her account, when PJ pulled into her narrow driveway, “he did not go off the curb, in the grass, nothing.”

Not only was PJ calm and collected under extraordinary circumstances, but as soon as they got home, he went straight for the snacks and her blood glucose test, bringing them to her right away.

Viewers left comments on 11Alive’s YouTube post, hailing PJ for being “smart and mature beyond his age,” and for “thinking fast” in response to his grandmother’s medical needs. Indeed, many adults may not have had such a cool, quick response to a medical emergency such as this one.

The news outlet even called PJ a “driving guardian angel.”

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