Technology Going Too Far? 15 Ridiculous Vending Machines From Around the World

August 7, 2014 Updated: August 7, 2014

In our modern world, people want things now, and they want them fast. 

So vending machines were invented, but it isn’t just potato chips people are putting in there anymore. 

It’s truly astounding how much the vending business has evolved beyond simple snacks and drinks.

Take a look at the types of crazy things that have popped up below.


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The vehicle you see above is called a ‘smart car’, or a ‘smart automobile’, headquartered in Böblingen, Germany. A smart car can cost upwards to $20,000.


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This vending machine originates from- wait for it-  Japan, the ramen capital of the world.


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Live lobster anyone???


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Do you want your vending eggs hard-boiled, fried, or scrambled?


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This vending machine also originates from Japan(as a lot of the wacky ones do).

However, because these machines are often exploited by minors, they have reportedly been decreasing in recent years.

For your information, the legal drinking age in Japan is 20, 


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There’s live stuff inside that machine???


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These vending machines may be a pleasant sight during long road trips or something.


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Is it a human? Or is a machine? Or is it a vending human?


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So that you don’t have to go deep into Walgreens hunting for an umbrella when it’s raining.


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Ipod vending machines. These can be found in the United Kingdom and the U.S.


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No comment…


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This is a dog wash vending machine. Yup you heard right. Just insert your dog and some coins into the machine, and standby as your dog enjoys a half-hour shampoo, rinse and blow dry — the full treatment.


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This lego vending machine is apparently common in train stations in Europe. Why sell legos at a train station? One would imagine bored,  screaming kids on a train have something to do with it.


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Cotton Candy. Master Kush. Indica. What is this stuff?

This, Ladies and gentlemen, is vending marijuana(cotton candy is also a flavor of marijuana), found in vending machines in Canada.