10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Jersey This Year

June 1, 2015 Updated: June 1, 2015

The most beautiful thing about being a travel writer is without doubt that you get to experience places that have never really entered your radar. After spending a few blissful days on the beautiful channel island, I can’t wait to go back. In fact, I’ve developed quite a fantasy of retiring to Jersey, spending my days writing novels and exploring the rugged wind-whipped beaches. My love affair with Jersey started the moment we caught our first glimpse, from up above the clouds. Here are my ten main reason why I think Jersey makes the ideal holiday destination…

The Incredible Scenery

We were given the option to use a hire car, and given the remote location of our stunning hotel it seemed like the sensible thing to do. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone taking a trip to Jersey. The island is small (just 9 miles by 5 miles) and you can nip from coast to coast in no time and really get a feel for the beauty and diversity of the island.

We found that despite its tiny size the island exhibited a wide variety of different landscapes, from the commercial quaintness of St Helier & St Aubin’s in the South to the serene secret beaches in the North. Gorey is full of picturesque houses and a refined elegance all overlooked by the romantic Mont Orguel Castle. We were fortunate enough to be staying at the Atlantic Hotel on the West coast, just a stone’s throw from such striking landmarks as La Rocco Tower and the Corbière Lighthouse.

The Beautiful Coastlines

I like my beaches to have character and personality. As pretty as pristine white sands and azure oceans are, there is nothing quite like a raging unpredictable ocean, windswept coastlines and dramatic brooding skies. The Jersey coastline is breathtaking in its dramatic majesty and there is so much of it to explore that you are always close to the ocean. It also boasts romantic cliff top walks as well as a diverse selection of beaches. From lovely family-friendly beaches such as Greve De Lecq complete with a variety of greasy spoon cafés and a well-stocked gift shop to the rugged charm of more intimate solitary beaches that you can stumble across right around the island. The coastline is ideal for watersports too and there is a vibrant community of enthusiasts and plenty of scope available from lessons to equipment hire for people of all experience levels.

Solitude and Serenity

Of course there is the bustle of the built up areas, for those looking for a vibrant and colourful stay. However, if you want some peace and quiet, time to yourself and plenty of space, then Jersey is wonderful. Of course, during peak season you’ll find others gathered around the main beaches or tourist attractions but if you want to explore nature and enjoy it alone or with a few choice companions, then it is easy to embrace the solitude. Even during the middle of August we managed to find quiet spots and our own private beach paradise, as well as enjoying the hustle and bustle of St Helier.

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