10 Quick Backpacking Tips for Discovering Southeast Asia

June 22, 2015 Updated: June 22, 2015

Southeast Asia continues to be one of the most popular destinations among backpackers and independent travellers across the world, not least for its budget-friendly destinations but also for the amount of wonder waiting there too.

In terms of making the most of it here are 10 quick backpacking tips to help you squeeze an even more special trip out of it.

Half Clothes, Half Underwear

Travelling light but with plenty of underwear is one regret you’re not going to have. Keeping your best bits dry and clean, given the humidity, is an absolute must if you’re going to survive a long-term trip. You’ll also smell generally a lot better too!

Shell Out on a Nice Room

Going from hostel to hostel can get wearisome from time to time. Every once in a while splurge a little on luxury. Get your own separate room or stay somewhere a little bit nicer than the hostels and backpacking dives you’ve no doubt got used to.

Relax Outside Your Room

Not much is going to happen if you lock yourself up in your room, no matter how nice it is. Get outside and decompress when you can. Whether that means reading in the park, lazing on a bench with some lunch or simply going for a bar side beer, all these things put you in a place where you’ll see, first hand, just how special Southeast Asia can be.

Get There Early

If you’re booking bus trips, train travel or whatever else, make sure you there early and don’t hold up gruntled passengers tired of waiting for you to show up. Southeast Asian destinations are pretty punctual when it comes to departure times too, meaning they’re unlikely to wait around for you anyway.

Go Solo

Don’t do everything with friends, get out and about and discover things for yourself. Although Southeast Asia offers many opportunities to make friends, taking solo time can help you reflect on your trip so far.

Selective with Friends

Don’t add everyone you meet on the road to your social media channels or attempt to keep in contact with them via email or whatever else. Be selective with the people you meet, that way you’ll keep your circle closer and more intimate, making your travels all the more special.

Learn to Drive a Motorbike

Southeast Asia is so much better on the back of a bike. You’ll zip around places faster, get to the beach when nobody else is there and also have an exciting new hobby at the end of it.

Don’t Over Plan

You have to have a certain level of spontaneous nous if you want to travel in places like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and not let it get on top of you. Making strict plans is one way to get too distracted to appreciate what’s already in front of you.

Hijack a Tour

Don’t be afraid of asking a tour guide to take you to places that are otherwise not on the itinerary. Likewise joining a tour impromptu and seeing where it takes you.

Get the Top Bunk

Always get the top bunk in a hostel. It’s the comfiest place to sleep without being kicked, elbowed or worse, annoyed by the person who would be laying above you.

This article was written by William L. originally published on www.etravelblog.com. Read the original here.