10 of the Coldest Cities Hit By Polar Vortex

By Daniel He, Epoch Times

The Polar Vortex that carried the freezing Arctic air southward, brought with it some of the lowest temperatures to hit the Midwest, East, and South United States.

According to the Weather Channel, at least 50 major cities across the United States hit record lows Tuesday morning.

Fargo, N.D., had the coldest low in the country with -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Los Angeles and Fresno, however, top the list on Tuesday for the highest temperatures on the mainland, with temperatures in the mid-60s.

Here are the ten coldest cities with below 0 temperatures recorded by the National Weather Service.

1 . FARGO    -20 F
2. BISMARCK   -18 F
3. GREEN BAY   -17 F
4. DULUTH   -16 F
5. ROCKFORD   -15 F
6. MADISON   -12 F
7. TOLEDO   -11 F
8. MPLS ST PAUL   -09 F
9. DETROIT    -07 F
10. CHICAGO   -06 F