10 Hilariously ‘Dangerous Crimes’ You Have Probably Committed

Have you ever committed little crimes just so you could feel dangerous? Reddit users comment on what little crimes they committed to give them that small sense of living on the edge. Do you do the same?

1. “Go to sleep without an alarm set for work in the morning.”

By Reddit user iBleeedorange

(Photo Extremist via Compfight)

2. “Turn off my kitchen light and walk slowly to my room in complete darkness.”

By Reddit user Ryan05055

(Colourless Rainbow via Compfight)

3. “Eating ribs in a white dress shirt.”

By Reddit user deliciousbrains

4. “Go out with less than 30% battery on my phone.”

By Reddit user Aerodust


5. “I don’t have a case on my iPhone.”

By Reddit user brianjj25

(via Youtube)

6. “I take things out of the toaster with a knife… while it’s still plugged in.”

By Reddit user browser_bowser

(via Youtube)

7. “Only look both ways ONCE before crossing the street.”

By Reddit user dmacisabeast

(via Youtube) 

8. “Every now and then I sign on to club penguin without my parents’ permission.”

By Reddit user TheMennoknight

9. “I like to pour my milk first. Then my cereal.”

By Reddit user Flightless_Armadillo 


*Image of “Street Crossing” via Shutterstock