10 Amazing National Parks in the USA

November 14, 2014 Updated: November 14, 2014

The National Parks in the US are the perfect destination for anyone craving adventure, excitement and above all breath-taking sceneries. These places have stunning landscapes and amazing wildlife waiting for you. Each Park is different and has something about it that makes visiting it a unique experience … it may be the Bison in Yellowstone or the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park … If you have not been to a National Park then now is the time to go see the wonders they hold. If you have been to some of them, then now is the time to go and explore the others. These 10 Parks are all very popular and for good reason … it are some of the most amazing National Parks in the USA.

Grand Canyon National Park


Grand Canyon via Shutterstock*
Grand Canyon via Shutterstock*


The main attraction of this famous park located in Arizona is the canyon itself formed by erosion of the Colorado River. Nothing can prepare you for the dramatic views over this stunning landscape, it’s just incredible. Most people admire the canyon from the viewpoints on the rims or take some of the popular hiking trails along the rim. Some more adventurous hike down, make sure to take lots of water and food in that case.

A unique way to explore the canyon is by mule. Imagine sitting on the back of a mule and descending into the canyon, getting lost in the quiet beauty that surrounds you; no traffic noise, no sirens and no telephones ringing. Just you and your thoughts as you descend deeper and deeper into this fabulous gorge. Rafting is another option to discover this canyon, ride the legendary whitewater rapids or just lazily take in the scenic beauty while drifting on the water.

Yosemite National Park

This California National Park, located about 300 kilometers east from San Francisco, is a popular destination for nature lovers, hikers, campers, rock climbers … The imposing El Capitan, the world’s highest single granite monolith, is with its steep granite flank a real challenge for experienced rock climbers. The Half Dome, the famous Yosemite Falls, Mirror Lake and all the other breath-taking natural attractions are a dream for any hiker, nature lover or photographer. Deer and black bears – amongst lots of other wildlife – are commonly seen in the park.

Arches National Park


Arch rock via Shutterstock*
Arch rock via Shutterstock*


This astonishing National Park features more than 2000 magnificent natural arches in a beautiful landscape. The scenery is so spectacular that you’ll think you are in a Hollywood movie instead of standing in Utah. You’ll spend hours staring in awe at the famous arches like Delicate Arch, Partition Arch, Turret Arch, Navajo Arch … and at the incredible rock formations like Balanced Rock. A popular hiking trail in the park is the Devils Garden trail till Landscape Arch or Double o Arch.

Canyonlands National Park

Not far from Arches National Park in Utah, you’ll find this astounding National Park featuring a real Wild West landscape – filled with canyons – that will leave you speechless. There is no way to describe what sunset over one of these canyons looks like while sitting on a rock taking it all in. If a picture paints a thousand words then this National Park has painted zillions. Hiking and whitewater rafting are the most popular attractions in the area.

Yellowstone National Park


Yellewstone (Holiday Nomad)
Yellewstone (Holiday Nomad)


This intriguing National Park – filled with geysers, mud pots, hot water spring and amazing scenery – is the last place in the US where you can see large herds of Bison together. It is also home to the largest number of grey wolves. Grizzly bears are commonly seen around the park – we saw 5 while visiting – but make sure in all circumstances to keep your distance from Yellowstone’s wildlife. This National Park definitely deserves a lot more than a quick rush through to the see the famous Old Faithful geyser, we spend 4 days here which was still not sufficient to discover all Yellowstone’s marvels.

Death Valley National Park

Maybe not the most inviting name for a National Park but despite the name Death Valley National Park is a must see. It’s impossible to describe the beauty of this desert. As you stand in the blistering heat, you might be able to see towering peaks covered in snow. Although the days can be extremely hot, nights can be very cold.

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*Image of Grand Canyon via Shutterstock

*Image of arching rock via Shutterstock