3 Lesser Known Greek Islands Worthy of a Closer Look

By George Koletsos, A Luxury Travel Blog
April 2, 2015 Updated: April 2, 2015

Greece is a popular and well known destination which needs no further introduction. There are at least 6000 islands and islets and some have gained a worldwide reputation while others are still to be discovered not only by incoming guests but also from the Greeks themselves. We highlight 3 such destinations worthy of a pin in the travel map.

Limnos Island

According to mythology, Hephaestus had his forge on the island and thought the locals the art of processing copper. The island is located at the north part of the Aegean Sea and is an ideal destination for those looking for isolated and peaceful escapes. It is a volcanic island, featuring dramatic landscapes, sheltered gulfs, small hills, a variety of beaches and a rich inner village activity. While in the island, taste the local wine, Muscat of Limnos, which has already gained a reputation on its own. The capital, Myrina, is a seafront point of gathering, with small paved alleys, stone mansions and castles. Visit the lakes, the waterfalls near Kaspakas and the prehistoric settlement of Poliahni, which is the oldest Neolithic city in Europe.


Lipsi or Lipsos Island which is a small group of islets at the northern part of Dodecanese near Patmos and Leros islands. Lipsi is a small hideaway for those looking for the Greek sun and the sea but away from the commercial over crowded sites. The capital of the island, Lipsi, offers hotel accommodation and a a variety of local produce worth tasting such as thyme honey (prepared in a local way), cheese and wine. Try the local touloumotyri cheese and also a variation of Cottage cheese. The women of the island also sell hand made loom woven fabrics. While in Lipsi, tour the churches and the monasteries, relax at the springs of Fountani or Pikri Nero or explore some interesting caves such as Ontas. The island offers small paved paths for trekking and sandy beaches for relaxation.

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*Image of Myrina city, Lemnos island, Greece via Shutterstock