Xperia Z3 Rumors, Release Date, Specs: Sony Phone to Have Metal Frame, No Snapdragon 805?

New information has surfaced about Sony’s upcoming flagship phone, the Xperia Z3.

In pictures provided by GForGames, it appears that Sony Xperia Z3 has a metal frame, and is incredibly thin; about only 7mm, according to KnowYourMobile‘s source DoomLord. As a guide, the Xperia Z2 is 8.2mm thin.

The body of the Xperia Z3 will supposedly come with a PVD coating, which will give the phone a stainless steel, “mirror” look and feel.

Earlier rumors claim that the Xperia Z3 will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SoC processor, with four Krait 450 cores running at up to 2.7 GHz, and an Adreno 420 graphics chip running at 500 MHz.

Serial Sony leaker DoomLord has, however, claimed that the phone will retain the Xperia Z2’s Snapdragon 801 processor.

The Xperia Z3 is also rumored to possess 3GB of RAM and a 20.7 MP main camera.

Further, it has been speculated that Sony will announce the phone in August 2014.

It is uncertain how much of an impact on the smartphone buyers market Sony will have, as the premium version of the Samsung Galaxy S5, the HTC One (M8), and the LG G3 are all expected to be released around the same period.