Woman Stops Maine Forest Fire With Frying Pan

September 25, 2017 Updated: September 25, 2017

Armed with only a frying pan and some common sense, a woman helped put out a potentially disastrous forest fire in Maine.

Nancy Weeks used a frying pan to carry water from a pond to squelch a fire in northern Hancock County near Beddington on Sept. 22 while calling for backup.

Maine Forest Rangers said the fire started from an unattended campfire.

Rangers arrived and contained the fire, but said they were appreciative of Weeks for keeping it at bay while they got there.

“She did us a big solid today,” the Maine Forest Rangers wrote on Facebook. “She found, called in and even worked to contain a campfire caused fire on Rocky Pond in T22 MD BPP in Northern Hancock County. We are very grateful.”

“If you know Nancy, be sure to give her a high 5. She did Great!”


It is still fire season in Maine, forest rangers warn, and likely will be until snow falls, WGME reported.

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