Trump Accuses NY Governor of Using NY Attorney General as 'Bludgeoning Tool'

Trump Accuses NY Governor of Using NY Attorney General as 'Bludgeoning Tool'
President Donald Trump speaks before signing an executive order intended to improve quality and price transparency in healthcare during an event in the Grand Foyer of the White House on June 24, 2019. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Holly Kellum
WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump accused New York’s attorney general of becoming a “bludgeoning tool" for Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who he says is engaging in a “political witch hunt” meant to make him “look as bad as possible.”

“They sue on everything, always in search of a crime,” he wrote on Twitter July 1.

He said the attack on his businesses and foundation has cost him and his children “a fortune on lawyers.”

Last year, Trump dissolved the Trump Foundation after then-Attorney General Barbara Underwood alleged it coordinated with his campaign, among other illicit acts. The $1.7 million in remaining funds were to be distributed to other charities.

In March, current attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, opened a lawsuit for $2.8 million over the foundation’s alleged misconduct. James is also seeking to have Trump and his three eldest children banned from running any charity in the state for 10 years.

That same month, The New York Times reported that the attorney general's office had subpoenaed Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank for financial records related to Trump's attempted acquisition of the Buffalo Bills in 2014 and his foundation.

Before that, James campaigned on opening sweeping investigations into the president, telling NBC News she planned to investigate him, his family, and "anyone" in his circle.

"We will use every area of the law to investigate President Trump and his business transactions and that of his family as well," she told the broadcaster.

New York State has also joined cases challenging Trump’s policy on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, also known as "Dreamers," and his putting a citizenship question on the 2020 Census.

Cuomo responded to Trump’s tweets, telling reporters in a conference call that James is not a "tool" because she is separately elected.

James responded on Twitter, saying her office “will follow the facts of any case, wherever they lead.”

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