Why Bros Love Energy Drinks

November 10, 2015 Updated: November 10, 2015

Hey brah, what’s your favorite energy drink? Red Bull? Monster? Rock Star? Male Gaze? 

If so, you might be one of the gentlebros described in a totally epic recent study by researchers at the University of Akron and Texas Tech University. It found that men who subscribed most to stereotypically masculine beliefs were also more likely to believe that energy drinks work wonders, which, in turn, leads to drinking more of the robot-pee-flavored beverages.

Put yet another way, the study affirmed the Powerthirst theory of energy beverages:

The researchers were interested in this connection because the rise of energy drinks has brought an attendant increase in emergency-room visits due to caffeine toxicity. Furthermore, they write, “ads for energy drinks typically feature young white men engaged in extreme sports, and portrayed as attractive to and attracted by women.” 

Previous studies have similarly found that men whose masculinity was threatened consumed more energy drinks in a taste test.

“These kids don’t know what they’re drinking,”study co-author Ronald Levant said. “There should be some requirement that the caffeine content be included on the label. Caffeine in higher doses can be a diuretic, and that can be a problem if you’re participating in a sport.” 


This article was originally published on www.theatlantic.com. Read the complete article here.