What to Expect When Expecting Another iPhone

With eight previous releases behind it, the iPhone 6 release is sure to draw great crowds with huge expectations.  The release date has not been officially announced; rumors place it either later this month or some time in September, with many online sources suggesting a September 19 release.

This release will feature hardware upgrades, tighter integration with Mac OS X, and a central health hub.

Users can expect a thinner, lighter iPhone with a smaller bezel, running the latest Apple processors—most likely an A8 running alongside an M8 motion processor. 

The M8 processor could get a significant update due its tight integration with measuring user’s vital signs, and Apple’s Health app release is due out with iOS 8

The camera will be upgraded from 8 megapixel to 13 mega-pixel as reported by Digi-wo.com

Although we aren’t certain whether Apple will be releasing one or two larger sized models, and if either will include a full sapphire screen, the larger screen is the most anticipated hardware upgrade. 

Many users have been waiting for a larger screen, and some, dissatisfied with the lack of a larger iPhone, have most likely moved to a larger Android smartphone.  

Because of the tight integration with iPhone 6, which will be running iOS 8, Mac OS X Yosemite is most likely to be released around the same time, or shortly thereafter. 

Users will be able to make a seamless transition from their iPhones running iOS 8, to their Mac OS X Yosemite, and vice-versa when making calls, sending text messages, surfing on Safari  and using a variety of other applications.  

A good use for this is, for example, getting directions on your Mac and transferring them to your phone, or transferring a YouTube or Netflix video to your Mac.  

Yosemite will also look a lot more like the flat design of the iPhone, which was implanted in iOS 7.  

Apple’s new Health app will provide users with a dashboard view for things such as heart rate and blood sugar. It can also provide an emergency health card, which can be accessed from the lock screen, and it can provide information, such as what allergies a user has. 

The biggest unknown at this point is if the iPhone will just be a hub of other health applications and appliances, or if Apple will take this opportunity to release it’s long-rumored smartwatch, which will collect users’ health data.