Steve Burns of ‘Blue’s Clues’ Isn’t Dead, So What Actually Happened To Him?

November 1, 2015 Updated: November 2, 2015

For some reason, Steve Burns, the former star children’s TV show “Blue’s Clues,” has been subjected to a litany of hoaxes over the years. And this time around, Burns isn’t dead. The most recent one, published on Sunday, said he died in a car accident.

Fake news website MSMBC News published a report saying he passed away in Pennsylvania. The site has published a number of false reports.

Many years ago, there were rumors that Burns had died of heroin overdose but that proved to be false. In the late 1990s, Burns became one of the most popular kids’ TV show stars, but he suddenly left “Blue’s Clues” without giving much of an explanation. On the Nickelodeon show, they said he left to go off to college, but there was still much speculation. After that, a series of started, including one about him being a heroin addict.

Even 15 years ago, there were rumors that he was killed in a car crash and was replaced by a lookalike on the show.

Burns later revealed that he left the show because he was going bald, and he didn’t want it to happen while starring on a TV show. “I knew I wasn’t going to be doing children’s television all my life. Mostly because I refused to lose my hair on a kids TV show, and it was happening fast,” he said in a Nickelodeon special, “Behind the Clues: 10 Years With Blue.”

On his Twitter account, which has the handle @SteveBurnsAlive–likely in reference to the huge number of death hoaxes he’s had to endure over the years–a photo of Burns shows that his head is completely shaved bald.

Addressing the recent hoax, he wrote: “I think the worst part about the latest rumor of my demise is that in it I was driving a Dodge Charger. Still arguably #alive, folks. Sorry.”

A number of people were tweeting things like “RIP Steve Burns” and asking whether he had died on Sunday.