Trump’s Approval Rating Rises to 46 Percent

November 14, 2017 Updated: November 15, 2017

A daily presidential tracking poll shows that Trump’s approval rating has grown to 46 percent.

The ranking, measured by right-leaning Rasmussen reports, is the highest since Oct. 17, when Trump was at 46 percent as well.

The increase in Trump’s approval rating comes as the president is wrapping up a 12-day tour in Asia. During his trip, Trump secured wide support for countering North Korea’s nuclear threat. Several countries, including China, Vietnam, the Philippines, South Korea, and Japan, have vowed to help address the crisis.

Trump told Indo-Pacific nations gathered at APEC in Vietnam, that the United States will no longer allow large trade imbalances to continue. Trump said that while the United States had opened its economy over the past decades, other countries have not done so, to the detriment of American businesses and workers.

“We adhered to WTO principles on protecting intellectual property and ensuring fair and equal market access. They engaged in product dumping, subsidized goods, currency manipulation, and predatory industrial policies,” Trump said on Nov. 10.

Trump retweeted the results of the Rasmussen report on Nov. 14, calling the polling company one of the most accurate during last year’s presidential elections.

Polling was notoriously inaccurate during the 2016 presidential elections. Nearly all polls had predicted Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to win the elections.

Only one major poll had accurately predicted that Trump would win the elections, the IBD/TIPP Tracking poll. Rasmussen came in second in a list of 11 polls monitored by Real Clear Politics.

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