Machines Can Be Broken But Truth Cannot Be Stopped

Machines Can Be Broken But Truth Cannot Be Stopped
Jasper Fakkert
Dear reader,

Sitting down to write these statements is rarely a happy task, because in many cases, they are written as a response to yet another attempt to silence our reporting.

Earlier this week, four masked intruders used sledgehammers to attack the printing press of The Epoch Times edition in Hong Kong. While our staff members are fortunately safe, our printing equipment was damaged to the point where the Hong Kong edition has been forced to stop printing for now.

We believe that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is behind the attack. This wasn’t an isolated incident, but the fifth time that our printing press in Hong Kong has been attacked; in a similar attack in 2019, intruders set fire to the same printing press in Hong Kong.

The latest attack came just days ahead of a key court date in Hong Kong on the sentencing of pro-democracy activists—a topic the CCP doesn’t want anyone to report on independently.

If we are judged by the company we keep, I like to think that we’re also evaluated by the antagonists we face. In a time when CCP forces that endanger free expression and democracy are closing in on the former British colony, being viewed as a target is a sure sign that the world’s largest communist regime fears our independent reporting.

But it’s not just in Hong Kong that The Epoch Times faces challenges. The CCP’s long arm has also reached into the United States, and American media organizations are attacking The Epoch Times.

The reason we write these statements is to reassure you, our readers, that we will not back down on reporting the truth—regardless of how much opposition we may face. While this latest attack has disabled our ability to print in Hong Kong temporarily, we remain steadfast in our commitment to Truth and Tradition in Hong Kong and around the world.

Because while broken machines can be repaired or replaced, human beings who have lost faith in justice and the truth are much more difficult to revive. For this reason, we continue to stand firm in the face of opposition from the CCP and any other entity that aims to jeopardize the freedom of the press.

Though we may face adversity, our hope is that with the passing of time, more and more people will come to stand with us on the side of Truth and Tradition.

If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to our publication for just $1. It will help support an independent media outlet that looks to come back stronger after each setback.

Thank you for your readership and support. It’s the reason we keep reporting as we do.

Jasper Fakkert Editor-in-chief, U.S. editions
Jasper Fakkert is the Editor-in-chief of the U.S. editions of The Epoch Times. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication Science and a Master's degree in Journalism. Twitter: @JasperFakkert
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