Treating the Lower Body to Heal the Upper Body

June 26, 2012 7:58 pm Last Updated: April 4, 2013 1:41 am

I  was invited to give a seminar on Chinese medicine to a group of peers on one occasion. Following my talk, I demonstrated the use of traditional Chinese treatment methods on two patients.

The first patient had been suffering shoulder and neck pain for three months. He had tried acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, massage, and so on, but nothing worked. At the time he could barely raise his arms.

I treated the patient with acupressure by applying pressure on two acupuncture points on his feet using a pen-sized wooden stick. Within about two minutes, he was able to raise his arms again.

The second patient had been suffering from a stiff neck for several days. He had tried many treatment methods, including cupping therapy, massage, and hot compress treatment, but still could not move his head.

Based on his situation, I pressed four acupuncture points on his shoulders and feet. Immediately, the soreness in his neck was gone and he could move freely.

Both patients’ illnesses in the neck and shoulder were relieved from treatment performed on the feet. This method is known as “treating the lower body to heal illness in the upper body.”

Indeed, it is not that acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, and massage are not effective; it’s that those treatments were not applied correctly in these patients’ cases.

Underlying Principle

In Chinese medicine, it is essential for a human body to maintain a balance of yin and yang. It is understood that the upper body is yang, and the lower body is yin. Thus, the neck and shoulders are yang, and the feet are yin. Moreover, there are meridians that connect the neck and shoulders and feet.

The principle underlying the treatment method is very simple: Treat the illness on the yang side from the yin side to balance the yin and yang, and the illness will be gone.

However, it’s easier said than done. To actually do it, the doctor needs to observe the symptoms very carefully.

Chinese medicine has a saying, “Illness comes by the pound and goes away by the ounce.” From this saying, one can see how difficult it is to treat an illness.

Especially in today’s world of expensive medical treatments, it is hard for the average person to afford treatment upon developing a difficult disease.

However, there is good news. Twenty years ago, a qigong system called Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, revealed the fundamental cause of illness. Falun Gong’s founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi, teaches people to pay attention to morality in order to free themselves of illness and to elevate their moral character by always considering others first and looking within when there is a problem.

Falun Gong, taught by volunteers free of charge, has spread worldwide and has brought about the healing of many kinds of diseases that have puzzled numerous Chinese and Western medical doctors alike.

As a doctor of Chinese medicine, I deeply believe that this kind of qigong system not only can heal diseases but can also help resolve societal problems.


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