Traditional Eastern Medicine Meets Western Empirical Science in Advanced Deer Antler Stem Cell Applications

March 7, 2018 Updated: October 8, 2018

By correspondent Cristiane Roget, VIP / AdAvenueGroup

Palm Beach, Florida—For over two millennia, many cultures, most notably the Chinese, have embraced the health rejuvenating benefits derived from the stem cell-rich deer antler velvet.

A cornerstone for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the first recorded use of deer antler velvet was found in silk scrolls that were uncovered from the time of the Han Dynasty, 206 BCE to 220 CE. In terms of power, prestige, and standing as an inspiring model of a united empire, the Han Dynasty rivaled that of the Roman Empire of the same time. Spanning over four centuries, it is still considered a golden age in Chinese history, especially in science, medicine, arts, politics, and technology.

The curative properties of deer antler velvet are also mentioned in the chief authority of the 16th-century medical Chinese pharmacology known as the “Pen Ts’ao Kang Mu,” a tome similar to another canon of medicine: the five encyclopedic books compiled by Persian philosopher Avicenna (Ibn Sina) and completed in 1025. Concurrently, Europe was undergoing a prolonged period of what was referred to as the Dark Ages. A period of time described as the burying of empirical facts in favor of the study of healing and medicine under superstitious religious dogma.

These documents list a variety of antler preparations including powders, pills, extracts, tinctures, and ointments. The reason deer antler velvet was believed to be so powerful was because it came from the fast-growing antlers, which have the ability to regenerate year after year—in fact, a hundred pounds in six weeks! Antlers in their growth stage are full of nutrients and living tissue that are proven to be helpful in maintaining the body in optimum health and wellness.

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One producer that has embraced these teachings is the maker of clinical grade Neocorium™, an all-natural epidermal growth factor and stem cell face and neck treatment. Bio Lab Naturals (BLN), a solely owned and operated company in Tampa, Florida, is fast becoming the gold standard in topical and minimally invasive rejuvenation, anti-aging, and beauty applications. BLN, Inc is also acknowledged as the maker of curative and pain alleviating solutions utilized in sports medicine that contain the active ingredients from humanely harvested deer antler velvet. Neocorium™ facial and neck rejuvenation treatments are prescribed by medical and beauty practitioners who embrace Western medical standards and the ancient knowledge derived from Chinese and Asian natural and homeopathic healing alternatives that predate Western medicine by thousands of years.

The distinctions between Neocorium™ and claims made by mass producers are powerful and compelling. Neocorium™ makers adhere to a rigid discipline of research and development that spans over a decade. Independent studies and white papers confirm that “it is the only facial rejuvenation, clinical grade concentrate derived from deer antler stem cells humanly harvested available in the marketplace today.” The results are easily observed in improving signs of aging, the plumping of collagen, and epidermal elasticity, which are the primary cause of wrinkles, fine lines and laugh lines, and sagging skin, making it second to none.

The Neocorium Facial Rejuvenation protocol was tested for several years in Florida where the ravages of overexposure to the brutal climate and ceaseless sun was a perfect Petri dish for Neocorium’s™ formulators. Bio Lab Naturals, Inc.—and its subsidiaries: Bio Protein Technology, Inc. and TEN Institute—were co-founded by Jim L. Powers, who has served as CEO since 2001.

The lead up to his life’s mission finds Mr. Powers working in 1992 at Bioforce of America, a Swiss-owned, worldwide leader in Homeopathic Medicine. Later, he formed Focus Marketing, a company that remains strong and robust. TEN Institute is dedicated to the building of humanitarian endeavors in Haiti called the Schools for Haiti mission, where the Alisa Marie Christian Academy for 300 students was christened in early 2018.

Neocorium elicited rave reviews from medical aestheticians, dermatologists, facialists at medical spas, and a host of individual users who insured: “when the product is used precisely according to directions the results can best be described as similar to Botox and other injectionables, especially when applied with PRP and micro-needling,” said Vasiliki Karlin, founder of the On Zen Spa in Costa Rica, Med Spas in Boca Raton Florida, and a healing aesthetician.


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Mr. Powers founded Dolphin Publishing that today publishes over 900 independent health food stores’ newsletters. As a renowned consultant at the nexus of science, TCM, and homeopathic cures, Dolphin can count 25 natural product companies that he has created and implemented high impact rollouts for that compete with the behemoth pharmaceuticals. When not remaking a more natural, verdant, and sustainable world, Mr. Powers is an avid soccer and sports enthusiast and devoted father to his two daughters.


Neocorium™ is now available for the first time in California and is shipped direct overnight from the lab in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Dana Churchill of the Churchill Center in Pasadena and Beverly Hills, California, confirms: “Deer antler velvet has been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for millennia. It has evolved into the science of Stem Cell Epidermal Growth Factors (EFG) found only in Neocorium’s™ unique formulation.”

Special incentives are available for The Epoch Times and NTD community members as they are already educated in the curative properties of deer antler.

Unlike most deer antler based products that are fashioned from grinding the antlers into powder (with no active stem cells) creating powders with no potency, Jennifer Aldridge, Director of Communications at Neocorium™ says, “Our distinct properties do not activate until the seal on the bottle is broken.”  The serum is a living stem cell concentrate that only releases its healing powers when combined with the proprietary skin soothing derma carrier.

Patients have requested that the derma carrier formula be packaged as a free standing lotion due to its soothing properties formulated from Jojoba Esters, Emu oils, Organic grapeseed astringent, and fragrant French lavender. 

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