Top 10 Fun Runs in America

By Nick Livermore,
May 8, 2013 Updated: June 24, 2015

Who said running has to be boring or lonely? We’ve picked out the top 10 running events taking place across the nation that are as equally focused on fun as they are on fit. Which is how it should be, right?

Nationwide Events

The Spartan Race & Tough Mudder
There are now literally hundreds of companies that put on these grueling, muddy events. We’ve found the Spartan Races and Tough Mudders to be the best organized and most well-attended. Nothing is more entertaining than seeing a tough guy get knocked down a notch.

Run for Your Lives
What makes you run faster than competing against others? Running from zombies. Half the entrants come dressed as zombies and chase you down. It’s as thrilling as it sounds.

The Color Run™
Equal parts house music festival and jog, entrants run a gauntlet of environmentally friendly paint-throwing. The end result is thousands of happy people colored the rainbow.

Turkey Trot
We’re going to say that this one is national, as most big towns have a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning. The biggest and most well-known is in Dallas and raises a tremendous amount of money for the YMCA.

Events Worth Traveling for

Bay to Breakers
You’ve seen pictures of this one—your rowdy friends dressed in costume, pushing a keg in a shopping cart past the Full House residence in San Francisco. It’s crazy, it’s fun, and everyone should attend.

Peachtree 10K
It’s the biggest 10K in the country, and with 60,000+ entrants, it’s always going to be a good time. It takes place on July 4 and showcases the nicest parts of Atlanta.

Midnight Run
You could go out on New Year’s Eve, spend far too much money on mediocre food and drinks, or you could party in style for a few hours in Manhattan’s Central Park and kick off a brisk four-mile run through the park at the stroke of midnight, illuminated by fireworks.

Asheville Beer Run
What’s a beer run, you may ask. It’s literally that—run a mile, drink a beer, repeat, repeat, repeat. Asheville’s a beer town, so it’s only natural they incorporate beer into a hearty five-mile jog.

Krispy Kreme Challenge
“2400 calories, 12 doughnuts, 5 miles, 1 hour.” in Raleigh, N.C. This is definitely the least healthy of the events on this list. Run extra fast.

Runyon 5K
Red Sox fans will hate this one. Run five miles entirely within the hallows of Yankee Stadium. Finish with an honorary lap of the field’s warning track. Babe Ruth would be proud.

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