The Shrine Come Back With Bless Off

March 11, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

California rockers The Shrine are back with a plan on Bless Off. Hailing them as “hard rock,” “stoner rock,” or any variation of metal like many did with their debut Primitive Blast is misleading on Bless Off since they heavily incorporate hardcore and punk ala Cro-Mags and Ramones.

However, that doesn’t (and shouldn’t) take away The Shrine’s determination to make you feel like you’re listening to them in a dive venue/bar where everyone goes nuts.

Tracks like “Destroyers,” “Napalm,” and “Bless Off” continue to provide grooves that easily belong in stoner rock while simultaneously transporting you to the grits of the hardcore scene.  Conversely, “Tripping Corpse” and “Hellride” attempt to channel their inner Ramones with their rhythm and catchy choruses.

Bless Off will make you want to rush to the nearest mosh pit, rush to the stage; briefly grab the microphone from the singer and jump to the arms of the crowd.