The Lean & Lovely Method – Part 1

By Neghar Fonooni,

As a leading women’s fitness and lifestyle expert, I get quite a few messages from readers and potential clients. In fact, a day doesn’t go by where I’m not asked advice on something fitness or nutrition related, and I happily oblige because I am passionate about empowering women through strength. Women everywhere want to invest more in themselves, improve their physiques, and create sustainable eating and exercise habits. Essentially, they want to live a vibrant life in which exercise and diet enrich their lifestyle rather than detract from it.

Some women intimate to me that they want a leaner physique, a firmer butt, or visible abs. Others detail various training goals such as pull-ups, handstands, or a heavier squat. More often, because I place such a heavy emphasis on mindset in my writing, women reach out to me because they’re looking to develop a healthier relationship with food, or boost their confidence through living a fit lifestyle.

Ultimately, we all just want to thrive, don’t we? We want to look and feel our best,  and we  desperately want to do so without strict dieting and spending grueling hours at the gym.

What these women regularly describe to me is what I call the Lean & Lovely lady: A fit, feminine, athletic body that’s actually as strong as it looks; a healthy relationship with food—one lacking in food-related guilt; a mindset of gratitude and compassion, and an overall love of life.

It just so happens, that I’ve got a method for living the Lean & Lovely lifestyle.


Well, the short answer is this: lift weights intelligently, incorporate play, eat to nourish your body, and regularly practice self-love, compassion, and gratitude.

But again, that’s the short answer. And while it seems simple, it’s not always easy to implement and can take time to cultivate. In my 14 years of coaching clients, I’ve seen countless women at the gym, day in and day out, lifting weights while eating clean as hell—and still failing to see results. It can be incredibly frustrating to feel as though your’e doing everything and yet getting nowhere.

Notice I didn’t simply say “exercise and eat well.” Lifting weights is clutch, and matching your eating habits to your training habits is essential–but putting it all together is a delicate dance. To simplify, let’s say that movement, nutrition, and mindset are the components, and the program, or the way you incorporate the components, is the method.

So, if you want to lose fat, gain strength, boost confidence, and design a happy, successful lifestyle, then the method must include not only the components to achieve it, but step-by-step instructions as well. because while the method itself is simple, the steps are integral to your sustained success.

I’m going to share my lean and lovely method with you, because as I said, I’m passionate about empowering women. It’s my life’s purpose to help you become the highest expression of yourself through fitness, and all I ask is that you share it with the ladies in your life. One by one, we can help change the face of women’s fitness and help women everywhere to live the life they crave and deserve.

As I mentioned, the Lean & Lovely method has three main components: exercise, nutrition, and mindset. Today, I’ll be covering the training aspect of the Lean & Lovely method in pretty extensive detail. You’ll learn all about how I structure my programs and even get some sample workouts of your own.