Tesla Finally Begins Refresh Model X Deliveries

By Benzinga
October 18, 2021 Updated: October 18, 2021

Tesla Inc. revealed the company’s refreshed Model S and X vehicles many months ago, but due to supply chain issues and battery safety concerns, the vehicles missed initial delivery estimates by several months.

But now Tesla has posted to Twitter sharing the first deliveries of the Model X luxury SUV, falcon-wing doors and all.

The post shows several happy families taking delivery of their new cars in California. The Model X vehicles shown have white paint, the only free paint option, with either black or cream interior. No white interior has been spotted yet.

All versions are also six seat as opposted to the five or seven seat option. The six seater is the most expensive and is probably the highest margin seating configuration. Rumors are that Tesla will only be delivering six seat options in 2021, with five and seven seat options coming later.

By Benzinga EV Insights

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