Video: puppy is thrown into a canal and left to die, but watch him miraculously recovers

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March 21, 2019 Updated: April 25, 2019

Get ready for your heart to break: this video guarantees to make you cry. When Hope for Paws got a call about a puppy in a canal they of course rushed to the rescue, but they cannot have steeled themselves for the scene they found.

When they arrived on the scene they discovered the severity of the situation, the poor baby had come into contact with a violent homeless man who had thrown him into an empty thirty-foot canal.

The rescuer used a ladder to get down there and knew as soon as he got close to the puppy, who didn’t move from his place on an empty chips bag, that things didn’t look good. “Oh, it don’t look good. Hi, puppy,” he said. The little dog cowered and whimpered. “It’s okay.”

He stroked him gently – his skin was in awful condition and his eyes were clouded and sore. He was in a huge amount of pain.

Things got so much worse when he picked the little dog up – one leg was missing and the bone jutted out from his skin. “Oh my god,” the rescuer gasped. The homeless man had brutally and horrifically chopped off the puppy’s foot.

Hope for Paws rushed the puppy to the hospital and explained what had happened and that the puppy had been in the canal for two days. Understandably, the vets weren’t sure he’d make it.

But the puppy pulled through his surgery to clean up his leg. The nurses bathed him to clean and soothe his skin, and he got all the fluid, painkillers and love he needed. They named him Jordan.

As soon as he recovered he found love in a new home with a new family and fully adjusted to living with three legs. In the video you’ll see him running, bounding up and down steps, playing with the other dogs, and even swimming in the family pool.

Jordan wore sweaters until his fur grew back enough to keep him warm, and he shared his human mom’s food. Jordan is proof that even the darkest stories can have the happiest of endings.

Watch the incredible transformation for yourself!

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