Take the Pressure out of Staying Awake

Four pressure points to beat drowsiness
October 23, 2013 Updated: October 22, 2013

While caffeine dehydrates your body and energy drinks leave you with the jitters, using your body’s own pressure points to help unblock and stimulate the natural flow of energy may be your answer for those late work nights. And the best part, it’s absolutely free and natural!


One of the most commonly known pressure points is located right at your temples on either side of your forehead about the same height as your eyebrows. 

You may have even found your hands naturally gravitating toward this point when suffering from a headaches because not only does this pressure point help to wake you up, but it also relieves back pain and can help soothe sore heads too. 

Using your fingertips, stimulate the point by moving in small circular motions. Move clockwise or counter-clockwise, and do this five times for three to five seconds each.

Back of the Neck

 The second pressure point is located at the back of the neck, at the base of the skull. It brings similar relief to that of the temple pressure points but it’s easier to activate using the thumbs instead of the fingertips. 

Place your thumbs either side of your spine at the base of your skull, wrapping the rest of your fingers over your head. Massage these points in a circular motion five times, for three to five seconds. 


This next pressure point also helps to wake you up as well as calm dizzy spells. 

Measure two to three finger widths from the bottom of your palm, and in the center of your wrist you should feel a groove. This is usually where your watchstrap wraps around your wrist.

With your right thumb pushed firmly in the groove. Place your right index finger directly behind it on the back of your wrist. Press five times for three to five seconds. 

Thumb-Forefinger Web

Use this last pressure point to relieve aches and pains in the body while helping you to stay awake. 

On either hand, simply find the soft fleshy area located between your index finger and thumb and press firmly five times for three to five seconds. 

To help you locate the exact pressure point, bend the thumb of your free hand and place the first knuckle crease over the web of the hand you want to massage.

You should feel a tender spot at the tip of your bent thumb. Squeeze right there.

Now with your energy flowing freely, you should be enjoying the benefits of ancient Chinese wisdom and feeling a lot more awake.

Additional reporting by Asian Beauty Secrets, NTD Television