Woman on Photo Shoot Has No Idea BF’s Holding Signs Behind Her— When She Sees the Photos, She’s Stunned

April 15, 2019 Updated: April 17, 2019

In what many are calling the cutest surprise proposal ever, watch as a boyfriend proposes to his girlfriend while she is participating in a beach photoshoot in Miami, Florida. Her boyfriend, positioned behind her, is holding a reflector for the camera that is actually a series of posters he has designed. With each picture, he flashes a different poster behind her to be captured by the camera.

When all the photos are taken, she walks over to the camera to view the photos for herself. While peering through the viewfinder and scrolling through the photos, she sees the proposal play out before her eyes.

Shocked and in awe, she turns around to find her boyfriend down on one knee with a bouquet of roses and an engagement ring. Jumping around in both shock and excitement, they exchange words before she exclaims, “Yes!”

The photographer from the photoshoot and a close friend are nearby by, documenting the entire moment as it places out in photo and video. A gorgeous rainbow even appears across the water in in the background in what viewers are calling the most romantic, picturesque proposal to ever be captured on video.

Watch the video today and see the beauty in the moment for yourself.

Credit: Newsflare