Stop, New Yorker, and Smell the Flowers

April 2, 2015 Updated: October 5, 2018

April is upon us and the earth is absorbing the warm rays of the sun. But before the sun can coax blooms out of thawing branches, Macy’s has prepared a little teaser. 

The department store has brought together an impressive selection of blossoming flora, brightening up the sleek aisles, otherwise reserved for business.

Lilies, tulips, orchids, daffodils, and roses—all together with many more that only a seasoned enthusiast would recognize—don the first floor until Saturday, April 4.

The lavish clusters of blooms exude pervading fragrances overpowering the usual perfume samples. Many a customer would stop their shopping-driven step to immerse themselves into the delicate beauty, take a picture of it, or have their picture taken with it.

That’s the Macy’s Flower Show, a “celebration of imagination and creativity,” as its website states, that has been around for 41 years already. The displays are divided into eight categories like Renaissance and Art Nouveau, each sporting a different selection of flowers. Moreover, young bloomy sakura cherry trees are scattered throughout the main aisles.

After the winter, as harsh as the New York one can be, scores of fresh blossoms hit the spot just right. Yet, regardless of the season, the show harbors a timeless reminder close to a New Yorker’s heart: Even in the busiest hustle, make time to stop. Stop and smell the flowers, of course!

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