Standoff in Missouri After Gunman Shoots Officer

February 26, 2018 Updated: October 5, 2018

A police officer was shot in the chest in St. Louis County on the morning of Monday, Feb. 26, resulting in a standoff between the gunman and police.

The officer was with a U.S. Marshals Service task force serving a warrant on the gunman, who was identified by his sister as 40-year-old William Watson Jr., the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

The officer was taken to a hospital and was doing well. His body armor stopped the bullet.

“He’s alert, he’s talking and he’ll be fine,” Marshal spokesman Patrick James said.

“We’re very, very lucky today,” he said.

The Marshals Service stated the gunman opened fire on the officers as soon they exited their vehicles by the Glasgow Village property.

The officers returned fire and believed the suspect was hit.

“There’s junk everywhere on the property,” James said. “They think he barricaded himself on the carport. They think they hit him a couple times.”

“Scene in Glasgow Village remains active. Suspect is not in custody,” St. Louis County Police Department tweeted at 11:37 a.m. “Our dept. will be handling the investigation.”

A SWAT team arrived on the scene, but began packing up to leave at about 12:30 p.m. It’s not clear if the gunman has since been taken into custody.

Watson’s sister, Jennifer, said there’s a possibility her 2-year-old niece may be in the gunman’s home.

“I don’t know if the baby is in there!” she shouted at officers. She said the police wouldn’t let her go try to talk to her brother.

Watson was convicted of domestic assault in September and released on bond. But he failed to show up for his Nov. 6 sentencing, hence the arrest warrant.

His defense argued a woman came at Watson with a knife and that he disarmed her. The woman testified Watson choked and body-slammed her.

Watson was also to be arrested for a first-degree assault.


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