Smartphone Apps That Help You Avoid Disease

December 4, 2013 Updated: December 4, 2013

Next time there is a viral outbreak of contagious disease, you don’t need to stay within the confines of your home. Apps have been developed to detect these disease zones so you can stay clear of them and reduce the chance of getting infected by some free-floating bacterial diseases in your region.

Sickweather app is one such iOS app. It alerts users when they are about to enter any infected areas. The app also displays a map showing areas that have a significant population of infected people.

Sickweather generates results by collecting illness reports from Twitter and Facebook to determine the infected zones. For example, phrases like “I am down with fever,” “suffering from severe cough,” and any similar comments would be processed by the platform to determine the specific areas hit by contagious diseases.

With more users updating content, the app is expected to become more accurate with time.

“Help, I Have the Flu” is a fun Facebook app that lets you to find out the friend who passed on the flu to you. It scans your friends’ statuses for mention of words such as “sneeze,” “cough,” or “flu,” thus identifying possible suspects.

In addition to these apps, a handful of web services allow you to find specific regions affected by any disease. Google Flu Trends is one of the popular web services, which lets anyone know the level of flu infections in many regions across the world.

HealthMap is another free service that allows you to see outbreaks of any disease by geography, time, and type of infectious agent.

Outbreaks offers real-time information about disease outbreaks across the world in a map representation and you can also read breaking news regarding the contagious diseases and related deaths.


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