Singer Amazed by Shen Yun’s Talent

April 9, 2018

“I like it a lot. It’s great! The dancing is great. I like the interesting cultural aspects, too.”

“[Classical Chinese dance] is beautiful. I couldn’t have done it when I was an active dancer because of the gymnastics. They are really, really amazing — the leaps in the dances.”

“The baritone is very good. I studied opera for a few years. He was really good. I enjoyed it. And I like the fact that the lyrics are on the screen, so we can understand what he was singing. I think all operas should have that.”

“[The live orchestra] is amazing too. I appreciate that. My husband is a musician, and I was raised in a family of musicians. My cousin is a conductor. I was surprised to see that there was a live orchestra. That’s a wonderful aspect of the show, too. Something I didn’t expect.”

“I liked [the blend of Western and Eastern instruments]; I was surprised by it.”

“I love [the spiritual message]. I think people should be bettering themselves. So, hopefully at the end of our time here, we’ll be elevated to a higher place.”

“I felt very positive energy from the show. I like that it had a spiritual aspect, and not just [solely] a performance.”

“I think it’s wonderful. I like that they also coordinated a lot of the imagery on the screen, with computer generations that blended into the dance, and people look like they were going into the screen and coming out of the screen.”

“It was really, really neat and wonderful. I really liked it. The whole thing is great. I’ll definitely come again.”