Secrets of Korean Medicine, Part 21: Reversing Respiratory Diseases Through Pulmonary Cleansing

March 18, 2016 Updated: March 18, 2016

Spring is already upon us. It arrives in the sky in February and on land in March. We come to feel it in April. As such, the changes in the season are the rhythms created by the sky, earth, and man.

The sequence of the four seasons—spring, summer, autumn, and winter—reflect the stages of life between birth and death. This is because everything in the nature is borne out of the earth and returns to the earth. Even the Bible mentions that God shaped man with the earth and breathed life into the earthen figure through the nose to create man.

Throughout our lives as human beings, we consume plants that grow out of the earth as well as animals that also thrive on such plants. So all the living organisms sustain their lives by acquiring energy from the earth, and the key to maintaining their lives is through healthy breathing.

The human body maintains itself by repetitively filling and emptying the lungs with the life energy from the atmosphere through breathing. However, if the respiratory system composed of the nose, bronchial tubes, and lung is invaded by various pathogens such as viruses, it can induce and aggravate illness as well as accelerate the aging processes.

The cycle of respiratory disease is linked to the cycle of life and death.

The Respiratory System’s Aging Process  

All respiratory diseases start with the invasion of a virus through the nose, which plays the role of the front door of breathing.

If the first stage of the respiratory disease, sinus cold, is not properly treated, the second stage of respiratory disease will manifest with a sore throat. If the defense barrier at the tonsils, the base camp of immunity, is broken through, bronchitis—the third stage will set in. If the condition aggravates further, it can result in pneumonia, which is the fourth stage. This is the typical progression of respiratory diseases.

If the common cold persists for more than 10 days, it develops into your own characteristic cold that is rooted in your body.

When one catches the common cold and gets healed within a week, then, it is a true common cold. However, if the common cold persists for more than 10 days, it develops into your own characteristic cold that is rooted in your body. This is called rhinitis.

Generally, the common cold is characterized by being infectious and feverish. Due to its infectious nature, a child with common cold will quickly spread it to other children at a daycare center.

The common cold is frequently accompanied by high fever. However, your own characteristic cold, rhinitis, that has rooted itself into your body will not be infectious and does not generate fever.

So with the exception of fever and infection, the common cold and rhinitis display the same symptoms. If rhinitis is not correctly treated and fully healed over a period of several decades, when common cold accompanied by fever manifests, then, the cold is aggravated to the next stage and you will experience difficulties in breathing.

This is referred to as asthma. You will feel the shortness of breath and begin to produce wheezing and rumbling sounds along with repetitive and spasmodic coughing. These are all symptoms of asthma.


It is quite common to hear comments from patients who have restored their health through pulmonary cleansing that they either barely experience the common cold, or that they easily overcome it. (nicoletaionescu/iStock)

When patients have an X-ray taken of their respiratory system and are told that there is nothing wrong, it will easily lead them to think that their lungs are healthy. However, this is far from the truth despite the fact that the lung may appear to be normal in a Computerized Tomography (CT scan) image.

Lung health is categorized into ratings of A, B, C, and D. An A rating indicates a healthy lung. A B-rated lung means that there is rhinitis, and a C-rated lung indicates that asthma is present.

Even if one suffers severe asthma, the pulmonary CT images will not reveal it. However, you must improve your lung into an A-rated lung if you do not wish to be confronted with severe pulmonary disease that will eventually lead to death.

An A rating means that the lungs are healthy and not prone to catching the common cold with fever. This also indicates that the person can quickly overcome a sinus cold. Only when the health of the lung is improved to this condition is it possible to get rid of rhinitis and asthma and maintain healthy bronchial tubes and lungs.

In the case of C-rated lung with asthma, it is possible for the asthma attacks to manifest, suddenly leading one to fear for one’s life. If cold air reaches into the lungs, certain symptoms such as wheezing and a sudden narrowing of the respiratory tract will manifest although there is no visual abnormality.

When one visits the hospital with such symptoms, the doctors will prescribe inhaler-type steroids. Although steroids are known to be the most powerful anti-inflammatory treatment, their properties are in fact like narcotics. It is true that narcotics are the best drugs that can treat all diseases momentarily, but they come with an enormous penalty on the health.

With the continual use of steroids, the skin, which is like a barometer that indicates the health of the lungs, becomes very rough at first, followed by the manifestation of atrophy.

Atopy, rhinitis, and asthma belong to the same category of disease with the same root, and they are the result of the degradation of pulmonary functions. If a steroid is used to treat asthma, weakening of the blood vessels is inevitable and will eventually result in atrophy.

When the lungs are weakened, the heart also becomes weak, and the blood vessels begin to lose their resilience. They will become more visible under the skin, and hemorrhages can occur at various locations.

The appearance of such hemorrhagic red spots on various parts of the body will markedly degrade the general quality of life. One will experience difficulty in sleeping, depression as the result of accumulated fatigue, a worsening of itchiness in the skin, and various complications will manifest, thereby inducing one to lose the will to live.

If the conditions aggravate further, the lungs begin to be destroyed. Although the lungs appeared to be normal at the stage of asthma, continued use of steroids over many years will lead to clearly visible damages in the lungs even on CT scan images.

Such damage will eventually lead to bronchiectasis in which the lung is filled with phlegm, pulmonary emphysema with perforation in the alveoli, and pulmonary fibrosis in which the lung becomes as hard as a rock.

As the lung becomes substantially destroyed due to these three angels of death, pneumonia will manifest one day with shortness of breath and a substantially increased risk of death.

Reversing the Progress of Respiratory Diseases 

As illustrated above, from one’s birth to one’s death, respiratory diseases can be summarized into four stages: common cold, rhinitis, asthma, and severe pulmonary diseases. Although it is not possible for anyone to completely halt the progression of one’s life toward death, fortunately, it is possible to induce a turnaround in the health of the respiratory system.

Then, how can the rapid advancement of respiratory diseases be stopped so that health is restored?

I have treated more than 155,000 patients. My experience confirms that it is possible to make a turnaround in health.

The arrhythmia that one suffered for several decades, as well as the thoracic pain and angina, will disappear.

Exhaustive cleansing of the lungs will fortify the health of the tonsils. In general, it is possible to restore the health of the tonsils in two months, treat rhinitis in three months, and eventually eradicate the root of asthma in four months.

After four months, one will experience the previous symptoms—shortness of breath, wheezing and grumbling sounds, followed by repetitive and spasmodic coughing, but they will all eventually disappear. Also, the skin’s appearance will improve, and the face will become brighter.

Continued pulmonary cleansing therapy will get rid of the heat accumulated in the lungs and activate the cardiopulmonary functions in order to fortify the health of the tonsils, enabling them to regain the function of producing an abundance of lymphocytes.

Damaged muscle layers and lesions in the bronchial tubes will be redressed, and they will regenerate, thus restoring the resilience to the blood vessels as well. After about a year, the blood vessels will be completely restored, eradicating hemoptysis.

In approximately two years, as the pulmonary cells are regenerated, it is possible to completely cure even pulmonary emphysema, bronchiectasis, and pulmonary fibrosis—all of which Western medicine considers to be permanent.

Fortification of the tonsils through pulmonary cleansing is the only secret to overcome and completely eliminate not only asthma, but also severe pulmonary diseases that have tormented mankind over several millennia in both the East and West.

It is possible for anyone to enjoy a happy life that spans into 100 years, in great health, if one is properly led to the path of true healing.

Once these diseases and symptoms are completely treated, it is important to prevent their recurrence. In order to prevent recurrence, it is also necessary to prevent the common cold. As long as the tonsils that safeguard the throat are healthy, they will definitely combat the onset of the common cold. One will not catch the common cold with fever and will easily overcome a sinus cold.

It is quite common to hear comments from patients who have restored their health through pulmonary cleansing that they either barely experience the common cold, or that they easily overcome it. Even in the case of catching the common cold, it will not induce the recurrence of rhinitis or asthma. The most welcomed effect is that once asthma is cured, cardiac diseases are also cured concurrently.

The arrhythmia that one suffered for several decades, as well as the thoracic pain and angina will disappear, allowing one to stop taking the angina medication that one may have taken for over a decade. Furthermore, atrial fibrillation, which is the cause of stroke, will disappear.

I have seen countless numbers of patients who were ecstatic at having gotten rid of numerous chronic diseases by having cured asthma through the restoration of their cardiovascular health. The most common result is that they are now able to lead comfortable lives, in good health, without having to take any drug whatsoever.

They have outstanding cognitive capabilities in their daily lives until they eventually pass away naturally of old age. They are the pioneers who are demonstrating that the era of true longevity with wonderful health has actually begun.

As illustrated above, not only asthma, but also various respiratory diseases can be treated well with an amazing cure rate.

There is nothing to be concerned about and nothing to fear. Just as new sprouts bud out of hard soil in the spring, it is possible for anyone to enjoy a happy life that spans into 100 years, in great health, if one is properly led to the path of true healing.

Dr. Seo Hyo-seok.  (Courtesy of  Dr. Seo)

Dr. Seo Hyo-seok. (Courtesy of Dr. Seo)

Dr. Seo Hyo-seok is the director of the Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital, which has seven branches in South Korea, one at Stanton University in California, and one in Atlanta. Dr. Seo entered Kyung Hee University in Korea at the top of his class and after years of research, developed the Pyunkang-Hwan herbal formula, which improves immunity by strengthening lung function. It has helped cure over 155,000 patients of various conditions.

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