Sadie Robertson Cheers on Boyfriend Blake Coward at Football Game (+Photos)

By Zachary Stieber
Zachary Stieber
Zachary Stieber
Zachary Stieber covers U.S. and world news. He is based in Maryland.
December 5, 2014 Updated: December 5, 2014

Sadie Robertson traveled to Alabama recently to cheer on her boyfriend as he played quarterback for Madison Academy as the team won its third straight state championship.

Blake Coward, 18, finished his three seasons as the Mustangs’ starter with a 39-1 record, helping lead his team to 70-34 victory at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn.

Coward doesn’t throw often because the team has star running backs, and also has a stellar defense. He threw just six passes, completing two of them for 119 yards and a touchdown. 

“With our line and our running backs, it’s not too hard to be a game manager like I am,” Coward said after the game. “I know I’m not going to be called on a lot, but when I am, I do have to succeed.”

While the football team drew a lot of attention, Coward’s girlfriend drew a lot herself just by attending the game. Blake and Sadie have been dating for nearly a year after meeting due to Sadie’s cousins, who took her to a Madison Academy game a while back and introduced her to Blake.

Sadie had two police officers serving as unofficial bodyguards as a steady stream of people asked for pictures and autographs, reported

Ever since Blake started going out with the Duck Dynasty and Dancing With the Stars talent, he has become a minor celebrity in his own right. Multiple teammates are going on to play college football, but Blake still attracts more attention at games, getting mobbed by dozens of girls afterwards. 

“Blake is ‘Superstar,'” said teammate Malik Miller, who has scholarships offers from Alabama and Auburn, among others. “Me and Kerryon (Johnson) joke with him every day that the media is coming here for you. They want to know about Sadie.”

“Playing with Blake is an experience I’ll never forget. After games, the other team’s girls are trying to tackle him to get a picture,” he added.

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We did it.. State champs!!

A photo posted by Blake Coward (@shake_n_blake47) on


A photo posted by Blake Coward (@shake_n_blake47) on

Sadie attended the Junior/Senior banquet at the school last year, and she and Blake trade visits between Louisiana and Alabama.

“It’s definitely weird,” Coward said of the increased attention. “It kind of happened all of a sudden; it didn’t happen gradually. As soon as we started dating it just kind of hit me.”

But teammates say Coward has remained the same person, and hasn’t let the noterity get to him.

Sadie, meanwhile, took the opportunity to promote her new book, in which she talks about her life, including how she and Blake are not having sex until marriage.

“I just had a book come out and it has all the rules that I apply to my relationship in it and it is just basics, don’t put yourself in a situation that would be uncomfortable for you to have to say no to and I think it depends on the guy that you have,” she told WTVM.

“I am lucky to have a great guy, so if you need any advice, just read my book.”



Zachary Stieber
Zachary Stieber covers U.S. and world news. He is based in Maryland.