Riot Tensions Calm in Grenoble, France

July 18, 2010 Updated: July 19, 2010

The area of Villeneuve in Grenoble, France, was much calmer July 17, as over 300 security officers patrolled the area after dozens of youth and police exchanged gunfire July 16, according to Le Monde.

On Friday night the situation got out of hand in a park in Villeneuve when around 50 youngsters gathered for a memorial for 27-year-old, Boudouda Karim, killed by police July 16, following his robbery of a casino.

According to police, after the service for Karim, a man pulled out a gun and fired in the direction of officers. In the riot that ensued, bus shelters were destroyed, 60 cars were burned and more shots were fired on police who responded with tear gas and gunfire to disperse the crowd, according to the report.

Four rioters were arrested and charged with attempted murder, according to BBC.