Reuters Websites Shut Down in China

International news agency is latest target of Chinese censors
March 20, 2015 Updated: March 20, 2015

Web users in China can no longer access news websites of Reuters as of Friday.

The international news agency noted that mainland China users started having trouble viewing both English and Chinese language sites late Thursday.

“It was not immediately clear why users were hindered from using the Reuters site,” Reuters said in their story on the censor.

GreatFire, a Chinese Internet freedom organization, confirmed the Reuters blocking.

“Reuters is committed to practicing fair and accurate journalism worldwide,” said a company spokeswoman in a statement. “We recognize the great importance of news about China to all our customers, and we hope that our sites will be restored in China soon.”

Although its news division is being blocked, Thomson Reuters Corp.’s financial information and data services are still available to its clients in China.

Reuters isn’t the only foreign news organization being kept out by China’s Great Firewall. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg News were targeted by censors after they ran stories critical of the Chinese regime or its officials.

Epoch Times English and Chinese language websites are also inaccessible to readers on the mainland.

News websites aren’t the only Internet services being blocked in China. Popular social media websites Facebook and Twitter are unavailable to mainland users, while Instagram was briefly blocked following the pro-democracy Occupy protests in Hong Kong last year.

Internet users also cannot get Gmail, Google’s email service, since December 2014.