Pros and Cons of Celebrating You’re Wedding Outside

March 20, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Weddings are one of the most special moments in the lives of a couple, and many couples are choosing to celebrate their weddings outside or in an outdoor venue rather than in a more traditional indoor setting. There are both benefits and disadvantages to choosing an outdoor wedding—consider the following before you decide whether you’d like to celebrate your wedding inside or outdoors.

Pro: The opportunity for gorgeous scenery

According to Bell City, indoor weddings can be beautiful, but nothing is capable of matching the natural scenery that so many outdoor weddings can bring. Gardens, beaches, orchards, fields—just to name a few examples—are all prime, beautiful backdrops that will turn any wedding into a stunning event.

Con: The risk of bad weather

It is virtually impossible to predict what the weather will be like when you have to set a date in advance, even if you are taking into consideration the normal weather around that time in the local area. For example, although it may normally be sunny and warm in May, there is no telling whether or not a sudden cold front, rain shower, or thunderstorm may arrive. The biggest downside to an outdoor wedding is the potential for bad weather, which means that any outdoor wedding should have a Plan B in case something goes awry with Mother Nature.

Con: Limitations for nighttime celebrations

It is very common for wedding celebrations to continue until well after sundown, but if you are celebrating outside you may run into several nighttime limitations that would not occur indoors. Lighting may be an issue, especially if the venue does not provide their own outdoor lighting; local ordinances regarding noise and gatherings after dark may also pose potential problems.

Pro: Bigger accommodations

For the most part, an outdoor wedding and outdoor reception can accommodate more guests than a traditional indoor venue—and often at a much lower price than the same space would cost indoors. Outdoor venues are bigger and can not only accommodate more guests, but allow for more spacing between tables and chairs, more space for dancing and entertainment, and so on. Outdoor weddings are ideal if you have lots of guests and don’t want to cram them into a tiny reception space.

 Weddings are designed to create everlasting memories to be shared for years to come. It’s essential that the bride & groom work together to come up with a plan that they both will enjoy. Learning the habits of each other is also a benefit of going through the planning process. The accommodations you choose together can reflect on how successful the marriage will become.