Preventable Injuries Sapping Billions From Canadian Economy

June 3, 2015 Updated: June 4, 2015

TORONTO—A new report suggests preventable injuries take a greater toll on Canada’s economy than heart and stroke-related diseases.

Parachute, an organization focusing on injury prevention, says falls, burns and other accidents drained up to $27 billion from the national economy in 2010.

Parachute also says such injuries were responsible for 43 deaths a day and are the top causes of death among Canadians aged one to 44.

The report’s findings are based on national and provincial data gathered five years ago.

Parachute says those numbers suggest the cost and death toll have continued to rise, forecasting an economic impact of $33 billion and a daily death toll of 46 for 2015.

The report says the numbers will continue to increase without active steps to reduce Canada’s preventable injury rate.