Pence Says Rush Limbaugh Was a Personal Hero: ‘America Lost a Giant’

February 17, 2021 Updated: February 17, 2021

Former Vice President Mike Pence said Rush Limbaugh was “the anchor of conservatives” after his death at age 70.

“Today, America lost a giant with the passing of Rush Limbaugh,” Pence said. “Karen and I literally join millions of Americans in expressing our sympathy to Kathryn, his brother David, and the tens of millions of people across this country that loved and cherished his incomparable voice.”

Pence himself was a conservative talk radio host before entering politics. He hosted the “Mike Pence Show,” describing himself as “Rush Limbaugh on decaf.”

“During my years in Conservative talk radio, he was my daily inspiration and the gold standard on the airwaves as he sat behind the golden EIB microphone. During my years among House Conservatives in Congress, he was our greatest champion,” he continued. “And during my service as Governor and Vice President, he was the anchor of Conservatism, giving voice to a movement and fighting for the ideals that make America great.”

On Wednesday, Limbaugh’s wife, Kathryn Adams Limbaugh, announced on the conservative personality’s show that he passed away. Last year, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and was forced to take time off his program to deal with health issues.

And about a year ago, he was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by former President Donald Trump.

Trump, meanwhile, told Fox News on Wednesday that Limbaugh was one of his biggest supporters.

“It was a great honor to do so when we gave the Medal of Freedom. It was something special, it was an incredible night. We gave it during the State of the Union address, and it was especially—half the room, half the room went crazy, and the other half the room, they knew he should get it, but it was special and he was special,” he told Fox News. “He was a unique guy, and he became a friend of mine.”