The Bidens Were Always the Real National Security Threat—Not The Trumps

The Bidens Were Always the Real National Security Threat—Not The Trumps
Then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden at the reviewing stand to watch President Barack Obama's Inaugural Parade from in front of the White House in Washington on Jan. 20, 2009. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Brian Cates

The 2020 presidential race has taken a most strange turn these past several weeks for the two prominent families involved in the contest.

Everything the Trump family was exhaustively investigated for over the past five years for supposedly doing has now boomeranged to land on the Biden family.

For five long years now, it has been alleged through anonymous leaks and faked evidence that the Trump family was compromised by Russia and potentially other foreign nations.

Beginning with the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation launched in July 2016, all the way through to the end of the Mueller's special counsel investigation in March 2019, the Trump family and their associates were relentlessly investigated by partisan bloodhounds eager to find the smoking gun that would end the Trump threat to the Republic once and for all.

But despite the fact that no evidence of collusion or bribery was ever found, those desperate to remove Trump from office never stopped trying.

Just recently another “bombshell” story targeting President Donald Trump was published about a “secret” bank account he allegedly had in China. That news story was published on Oct. 20 by the New York Times.

This “October Surprise” bombshell attempt was abject nonsense. Trump was a private citizen at the time the account was opened, and he closed it long before he ran for office.

If the now-closed bank account was in Trump’s tax records, how was it in any way a “secret” account? You hide bribe money where the IRS won’t see it, and you don’t have to account for it in your tax records. You don’t put it right there in your filing with the IRS.

What makes the Trump Chinese bank account story so ironic is that since the New York Times ran that story, evidence has continued to emerge of the Bidens taking in millions of dollars in “loans” that look like barely disguised bribes from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government officials, and money from Ukrainian oligarchs and possibly from close associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

If financial records should turn up showing that while Joe Biden was vice president, his family was taking million-dollar loans and parking them in Chinese bank accounts before moving the money out of the country and laundering it, the fallout from that would be spectacular.

The Trump-Russia collusion narrative upon which the entire Russiagate Hoax was founded went that by taking Putin’s dirty money, Trump was compromised and must be taking orders from Moscow.

This would have made Trump a traitor to his country and a blatant national security threat, using the powers of his office to serve a foreign master and crafting U.S. policy to fit the diktats of foreign leaders, many of whom have agendas that are hostile to American interests.

But now, in the final month before the crucial 2020 presidential election, solid evidence has begun to emerge that one of the families involved in the 2020 presidential race may have been compromised by foreign sources. But it’s not the family that was loudly accused of this kind of corruption over the past five years. And the irony of this is simply profound.

It’s looking increasingly like it was never the Trumps who took the millions in foreign cash but the Bidens.

What then would it mean for the Biden family to be discovered to have taken in millions in foreign money while the elder Biden was the vice president? The question that quickly arises would be exactly what was the CCP or the Ukrainian oligarchs getting in return for these millions of dollars given to the Bidens?

While nobody has yet proffered any real evidence that the Trumps have been acting as agents of Russia through having accepted Russian bribes or favors, the same kind of questions can now be raised about the Bidens.

Nobody was handing Hunter Biden massive financial deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars or awarding him lucrative corporate board positions because of his business acumen.

As investigative reporter Paul Sperry exhaustively detailed in a recent report at Real Clear Investigations, Hunter’s “business career” seems to have been one long string of barely disguised bribes in exchange for favors his father carried out on behalf of others.

Hunter’s alleged role as the Biden family "bag man" started when Joe was a U.S. senator for Delaware, doing deals for MBNA, and Hunter, just out of college, was handed a very well-paying job with that banking firm. How much of that big salary Hunter was having to pass on to his father is now a legitimate question after text messages surfaced where he discusses the usual family practice of kicking half the money back to Joe.

Joe Biden can continue to issue all the denials he wants. The evidence thus far made public is damning, and none of it is going away.

We're two weeks into this ever-growing scandal, and the Biden family has not denied the laptop once belonged to Hunter Biden and refuses to say that any of the emails, audio or video recordings, or images are fake.

The evidence suggests it's the Bidens who compromised themselves, not Trump, and that means it's the Biden family that has always been the real national security threat.

Brian Cates is a writer based in South Texas and the author of “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!” He can be reached on Twitter @drawandstrike.
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Brian Cates is a former contributor. He is based in South Texas and the author of “Nobody Asked for My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”