Book Review: 'The Woke Supremacy'

Book Review: 'The Woke Supremacy'
Evan Sayet (L) during the Politicon convention in Pasadena, Calif., on July 30, 2017. (Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Politicon)
Brian Cates

What strange days these are here in the United States.

Just a few years ago, most Americans had never heard the words “democratic socialist” said together. They had never heard of “Black Lives Matter” or “Antifa.” And now?

After watching for a year as violent leftist mobs pulled down statues, destroyed landmarks, looted businesses, and burned entire city blocks in paroxysms of rage, they’re suddenly being told Antifa is just an idea, and actually, it's Trump supporters who are the real danger to the country.

And while this has been going on, weird cultural events keep being hyped in the corporate media—such as the recent media-driven campaigns to "prove" that both Dr. Seuss and The Muppets have been racists all along. It’s just that nobody had the “courage” to point this out until now.

Why are we watching completely innocent children’s entertainment from the past suddenly being "exposed" by serious “experts” as being full of insidious racism? Why do these "experts" keep discovering previously invisible racism in the most innocent and innocuous things from America’s past?

A discerning person will note that it's because they can’t seem to find any overt racism to be outraged about.

Since these activists believe that the United States is an inherently racist country that was founded by evil white men deeply steeped in their insidious “white privilege,” they must continue to discover newer and more subtly hidden forms of racism in order to enthusiastically agitate for the culture changes they're demanding.

This narrative-driven political activism has led to a burgeoning cottage industry of hoax hate crimes, as some of these zealots fake attacks on themselves because they can't find any real racists to pursue.

Anyone asking themselves where these "woke" zealots are going to stop is asking the wrong question, because it should be quite clear that they don’t intend to ever stop.

There's no aspect of American culture these radicals plan to leave alone. Nothing is off-limits. Last year, they finally managed to crack what I had dubbed "the sports code," and even the last refuge—American sports—was quickly looted and ransacked by these New Barbarians.
In his latest book, comedian Evan Sayet calls these radical activists so bent on converting the rest of us—or failing that, on driving us into the wilderness—“The Woke Supremacy.”
The blurb for Sayet’s new book succinctly sums up the book’s purpose:
“As America grows more and more divided, The Woke Supremacy takes an honest look at the Democratic Socialist movement, its founding, its history, what it is its followers want, and what it is they're willing to do to get it. There simply could not be a more important book at a more important juncture in American—and world—history."
I first met Sayet at the AMPfest Conference at the Trump National Doral resort in Miami in October 2019. I got to watch him perform, and I can attest that as a stand-up comedian, he's one of the absolute best.
But Sayet is far more than just a talented comedian who can make people laugh. He’s also a perceptive author, and he demonstrates that as he fully explains the history of the woke supremacy and what they have planned for these United States.

Winning Culture War Through Intimidation, Censorship

The woke supremacy is currently trying to win the culture war by default, by forcing conservatives off the battlefield. They accomplish this by labeling any view contrary to theirs as being racist, misogynist, transphobic, and so on. In other words, any view but theirs is inherently illegitimate from the start.

To hear the woke supremacists tell it, they have no legitimate cultural competition. Victory in the culture war should be theirs by default.

This is why the woke supremacists can so enthusiastically shout down and censor anybody who disagrees with them, get them fired from jobs, even physically assault them, all while loudly claiming their political opponents are really fascists and Nazis.

That woke supremacists won’t allow any debate or deviation from their political agenda is your first clue they don’t have much of a rational argument for their positions. They understand they don’t have good arguments for implementing their “Democratic Socialism” here in America, which is why the other side can’t be given a fair hearing.

Orwell Was Right

Sayet demonstrates in his book that many of the current cultural controversies—such as whether Dr. Seuss, or "The Muppets," or Disney’s "Peter Pan" are racist—are beside the point.

This is about cultural control.

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past,” author George Orwell wrote.

The woke activists in many of these corporate entities wreaking havoc all over the country are demonstrating they have growing control of the present, by forcing various American institutions to alter their past to suit a radical political agenda that's inherently hostile to our heritage.

Wrong think won't be allowed on the woke corporate internet, on social media sites, in banks, magazines and books, TV shows and movies, or in its sports.

The activists have been spending much of their time restructuring America’s past, but anybody who thinks they’ll stay there is wrong. These people fully intend to claim America’s future, once they're done rewriting its past.

New statues to the heroes of the radical American progressive left can't be erected until the statues of America's historical heritage have all been torn down.

Can the Anti-American Woke Supremacy Be Stopped?

In his book, Sayet lays out a blueprint for how all Americans who love this country and its real history can unite to stop the woke supremacy.

Like Sayet, I also believe American patriots are up to this challenge. Because the real America is full of creative individuals who cherish their rights, and don't engage in collective thinking. That's a huge advantage.

The major weakness of collectivism has always been that it doesn't encourage individualism or original and creative thinking, planning, and action. Instead, it turns all but the top leadership into drones.

The danger now for the collective left is that they're going faster and faster in their agenda of radical cultural change for American society, which has awakened many people who were previously oblivious to the threat.

I highly recommend this book and encourage all concerned citizens of this country who have watched the rise of the woke supremacy with alarm to read it. Not only will you more fully understand the threat, but you'll also learn how to defeat it.

Brian Cates is a writer based in South Texas and author of “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!” He can be reached on Telegram at
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Brian Cates is a former contributor. He is based in South Texas and the author of “Nobody Asked for My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”