Newburgh School Celebrates ‘Take a Veteran to School Day’

By Yvonne Marcotte
Yvonne Marcotte
Yvonne Marcotte
November 11, 2015 Updated: November 11, 2015

NEWBURGH—Students at Gidney Avenue Memorial School in Newburgh welcomed a contingent of veterans on Nov. 6 for Take a Veteran to School Day. They were joined by Congressman Sean Maloney and County Executive Steve Neuhaus in the event hosted by Time Warner Cable.

The event is a national program developed by the History Channel to link veterans with students nationwide. Schools and communities invite veterans of all backgrounds to share their stories and receive thanks for their service.

According to the History Channel’s website, “These events provide a way for students to learn more about the history of Veterans Day and about the experiences of veterans from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Inviting veterans to share their stories connects generations while helping our young people learn about the past.” Launched in 2007, thousands of schools nationwide have participated in Take a Veteran to School Day.

Christian Farrell, director of the county’s veterans service agency, said, “It’s important that students have the opportunity to meet the men and women responsible for defending the freedoms Americans have been enjoying for generations.  The students aren’t the only ones who get something out of this event; veterans always enjoy spending time with our country’s next generation of heroes.”

Finding Local Vets  

Event planners can use three ways to reach out to veterans. Schools can contact the local American Legion chapter and check out a nearby military base nearby, or students can invite veterans they know in their families or neighborhoods. It is suggested to invite veterans from more than one branch of the armed forces so students can hear about a variety of experiences.

Students can ask the veteran when and where they served, their primary job in the military, and any interesting stories they had while in the military.

“My father served in the military. I serve in the military as a Navy Officer,” Neuhaus said. “More importantly, I meet men and women from all over the county who have served. They are the fabric of our communities and deserve this recognition.”

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